05th Jan 2012
Join the Buck of the Month Club!

Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman XXX Jan 10!

2012 is Year of the Buck! Join me Tue Jan 10 7pm in Shameless Grounds library for a private screening of his latest extremely intimate exploration of a rarely seen...

04th Jan 2012
Sweets Gallo (photo from St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

An Interview with Sweets, SEX+STL DJ

Get to know one of SEX+STL’s resident DJs, Sweets, and then see him in action at the next big Glow event, which will be January Friday the 13th. Here are...

07th Dec 2011
My (il)legal breasts are very sex-positive!

You Would Even Say It Glows

“If you have a problem with nudity, you have a problem with humanity.” – Amanda Azim Drew Digital has been putting on Glow events all over town. Here are pics...

15th Sep 2011
Thursday Music Video: Ani DiFranco, In or Out

Thursday Music Video: Ani DiFranco, In or Out

-by Johnny Murdoc This song was a hugely reinforcing when I was in high school, not just when I was a little gay boy pretending I was bi, but when...

02nd Sep 2011

Your Friday Morning Inspirational Poster

(I wish I could tell you exactly where this came from, but it popped up in my Tumblr feed uncredited. This (possibly NSFW) blog appears to be its source.) Tweet

29th Aug 2011

The Randy Dandies find the Pearl: an interview with Mimi Le Yu

When I found out that Mimi Le Yu, one of my favorite burlesque performers, was fronting a new troupe called the Randy Dandies, I couldn’t keep away from their show Melons...

03rd Aug 2011
The actual e-vite I designed for our Deep Throat party in 2006

Watching Porn in Public

The first time I watched porn with other people, it was five years ago. My partner and I threw this party… Wait, that’s a lie. The first time I watched...

27th Jul 2011
Cherry Jubilee July 29 & 30!

Shameless Grounds Cherry Jubilee This Weekend!

A word from our friends at Shameless Grounds regarding this upcoming weekend! I will be there Saturday night, how about you? RSVP here! We here at Shameless Grounds want you...

13th Jul 2011
Sugar Cyanide at the Literary Nudes Harry Potter Edition

Literary Nudes July 17

Literary Nudes is having a special extra nude edition on Sunday, July 17, 7pm, at Shameless Grounds. Proceeds go to Sex Positive St. Louis, so come on out and join...

06th Jul 2011
Henryk Ptasiewicz

Interview with Henryk Ptasiewicz, Featured Artist

Get to know one of the featured artists from the SEX+STL June 29 Black and White event. Here is a SEX+STL interview with one of the most talented – and...

27th Jun 2011
"It's that thing..."

Stefon Beckons You to Black and White, June 29th

“Black and White: Indifference amongst Difference” looks to be an awesome party. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to this message from our city correspondent, Stefon: Black +...

18th May 2011
Drew Digital with one of his creations at the 7 Sexy Sins party.

How Hedonistic? A conversation with artist and event coordinator Drew Digital

Tonight is SEX+STL’s fundraiser and happy hour, How Hedonistic? Growing on what we accomplished two months ago with our 7 Sexy Sins party, How Hedonistic? will have feature the artwork...