The Play Party’s Second Coming with Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell at The Play Party 2019
When we last spoke to Nikki Powell in 2019, she was on the verge of hosting her first public event, The Play Party. Oh, what a difference a year makes. Since our first interview, Nikki has launched a tantra practice, a podcast, and #PussyTrauma, her private, woman only Facebook group, has grown to over 17,000 members.
We caught up with Nikki as the next edition of The Play Party approaches:
SEX+STL: How did you feel about the first Play Party? 
Nikki Powell: The first Play Party was more than I could have imagined. With it being our first year, I had no idea what to expect and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The Play Party is a more intimate environment, so individuals can mix and mingle as well as enjoy the entertainment. I reached out to the audience to see what we could change for this year, and they definitely offered some great feedback which we will be implementing this year.
Nude body painting at The Play Party 2019
Nude body painting at The Play Party 2019
How will this year’s play party compared to last year’s? 
This year will of course be bigger and better! We have a total of seven sponsors, five of them are providing some amazing swag for our guests. We will have food vendors, more entertainment, my favorite and most anticipated artist is Corey Black, a local Poet and the founder of Poetic Justice Open Mic Night. He will be serenading us with his lyrics and amazing BBC – I’ve seen it! Yes, he is performing his poetry nude and I’m so excited for it. The space is also different, this year it’s at St. Louis ArtWorks which is a tad bit bigger, and gives us more room to provide amazing entertainment for our guests.

What is the ultimate goal of events like this one?
The Play Party is to provide a safe, brave space for those that enjoy all things sex! This sex-positive event will highlight and celebrate sexuality! We welcome all genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, and races. This event is designed to empower men, women, and  non-binary people to live a sex-positive lifestyle on purpose.

Tell us about your podcast? 
Sexpectations is my new podcast and I’m so excited about it! On Sexpectations we talk all things sex, and have various guests come on that are in the business. I try my best to teach the power and beauty in wanting and owning your sexual pleasures, and that shame is a construct for the fearful. In my podcast I talk about fetishes, desire and I normalize what it means to be a sexual being!
The Play Party is March 28th, 2020 at 7pm. Tickets are on available here.

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  1. So im really lovin the whole idea and thought process behind sexual empowerment i wish this were an event that traveled state to state to different venues

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