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Here at SEX+STL we want to create a safe environment for people to talk about sexuality with the level of personal exposure that they are comfortable with. We have the utmost respect for peoples’ privacy and would never do anything to expose personal information in a public setting. While we encourage people to be as open as possible, we would never drag anyone out the closet, regardless of what’s to be found in that closet.

Any information divulged to us through any form of contact will be considered private unless otherwise specified.

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  1. I feel like I been born again. I just meet Kendra by email and I’m setting up to meet her virtually for the first time and I can’t wait. I love everything you all stand for and going to be a 100% supporter of this site. I’m really looking forward to meeting Kendra she seem to be the perfect person to help people like me with some imperfections and small disabilities. Thank you.

    Scott Olds

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