How to Get Involved With SEX+STL

SEX+STL Co-Leaders. Photo by Insomniac Studios

SEX+STL Co-Leaders. Photo by Insomniac Studios

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is:

“How can I get involved with Sex Positive St. Louis?”

We’re so glad you asked! Our group is exciting, titillating, challenging, inclusive, accepting, friendly, and SO MUCH MORE. Our mission has changed lives!

We’d love to get to know you and exchange open-minded ideas. There are many ways you can get involved!

1. First things first: Replace the fear with love. In our society, sex is saddled with guilt and shame. We’re here to tell you that sex doesn’t have to be scary. Take a stand and reclaim your sexuality. Live life on your own terms. Be willing to take a chance and try new things.

2. Attend our events. We host several public and private events a month – discussion groups, happy hours, clothing optional parties, educational demos, and more!

Public events are held in public settings and are open to the public. Our private events are held in private residences, and are screened.

Note! In order to attend our private events, we need to know who you are, which means you need to attend one of our public events and introduce yourself! Better yet, try out a variety of events and become a familiar face! The best way to connect with like-minded people is to develop relationships and build credibility.

You can find out about our events by

– joining our Meetup page

– liking us on facebook

3. Share your experiences. Write a guest post or testimonial for the SEX+STL blog!

4. Spread the word about SEX+STL – we want to reach as many folks as possible. We’re always open to speaking in classes, universities, and other creative forms of educational cross-pollination.

5. Tell us about other sex-positive entities and events in St. Louis so we can spread the word and connect people via our Links page.

6. Donate to our mission. We are a not-for-profit organization.

7. Volunteer with us! We have interesting opportunities available.

Together, we’re having a GREAT time making St. Louis a sex-positive city! And if you aren’t in St. Louis and would like to create a sex-positive group in your city, here is an outline of how we evolved from four members to 5200+. You, too, can change lives!