Ethical Polyamory in the Age of AIDS (and Other STIs)

by David Wraith This post is inspired by World AIDS Day and this post on The Beautiful Kind website. Those of you who know me have probably heard me refer to myself as a “free range, poly man-whore.” By that I mean that I am polyamorous, but not part of a closed poly circle or […]

Dine Out for Life, Support STL Effort for AIDS!

Today is Dining Out for Life, an annual nationwide fundraiser to support local AIDS programs and services. In St. Louis, those services are provided by St. Louis Effort for AIDS, and if you visit one of the dozens of participating restaurants today, at least 25% of your bill will go to STLEFA. Dining Out for […]

SEX POSITIVE: A Documentary About the Birth of Safer Sex

I just finished watching Sex Positive, a documentary about Richard Berkowitz, who (along with singer and activist Michael Callen and physician Joseph Sonnabend) is largely responsible for the safer sex movement as we know it.   The film is probably most interesting because it’s complex. Berkowitz isn’t portrayed as a flawless hero and his fight […]