Webster Drag Ball 2011

This time several years ago, I was running around U-City thrift stores looking 

Mimi Amore

for the perfect suit, shirt and hat.  Missouri Council for the Blind came through, as it so often does, and I got a shirt for a surprisingly good price at Rag-A-Rama.  My date loaned me his hat.  There was a lot of clothes-borrowing that night as his primary partner let him wear one of her favorite dresses and her shoes. Nobody knew how to tie a tie, but between the three of us and the internet, I was able to look dapper as I stepped out with my then-sweetie.
The Webster Drag Ball is, I think, one of the most memorable events that I have attended during my six years in St. Louis — the Webster LGBTQ Alliance manages to arrange a line-up of the area’s finest talent — along with the area’s finest new talent – every year.  When I went the unforgettable Siren was MC-ing and this year it will be the ever-amazing Dieta Pepsi. $5 gets you into one of the years best shows but somehow the Drag Ball remains one of the city’s best-kept-secrets!
The LGBTQ Alliance at Webster is busybusybusy this time of year, what with organizing the Drag Ball and starting the end-o’-semester crunch, but Christopher, the VP, and also a sophomore in Human Rights took the time to share a little about this year’s Drag Ball.  When I asked him what this year would be like, he let me know that “People can expect a lot of fun at drag ball. It is basically a huge themed (Candyland this year) drag show, including the largest names in Drag in St. Louis. We have HIV Testing and two amateur competitions. We have food and a Cash Bar as well.”  It sounds like these students have all their bases covered – awesome theme, heath & safety and food & alcohol! What could be better?
Attendees are encouraged to dress in drag. But they don’t have to.  When I go next year, I’m going to go double:

double the fun!


Christopher feels the same way about the ball that I do – “It’s fun, it promotes the LGBTQ community, and promotes awareness of the resources in st. Louis.”  The Drag Ball is one of the best-attended events held at Webster, and it has grown steadily over the 14 times it has been held.

In short, this is a pretty awesome show, put on by leaders and future leaders of the LGBTQ community. If you’ve never dressed in drag before or seen a show, this is a great setting in which to try something new.  Go. Pony up your five dollars and buy a beverage or two. Have a great time and support one of the best events we’ve got going.

Saturday, April 9th; Doors open at 7:30 pm, Show starts at 8:00 pm-ish.

Webster University- Grant Gym

170 Edgar Rd

Featuring Suzy Cydal, Kenadie St. James, Paris Versace Amore, Tabbi Kat, Madison Elise, Jaida Kiss, Rydyr, Ace, and Sum Yung Wang!

AND… of course your host DIETA PEPSI!!!

Your favorite Amateurs will be there too!

FREE with Webster ID
$3 with University ID
$5 General Admission

All ages Welcome!


  1. Sorry, I thought I had saved this as a draft and not posted it yet. It’s on Saturday (April 9th) at 7:30.


    But my son is visiting for the week and I haven’t seen him since November. Maybe he’ll go to bed early and I’ll arrive at this event fashionably late?

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