Female Ejaculation FAQ and Demo

A week from today is SEX+STL’s  first-ever demo & discuss night! We hope that it will be one of many.   Blow jobs, and sensation play are other topics that will likely pop up in the future. What do you want to see? What do you want to talk about.


This is how Friday’s event will go down: attendees will gather at a cozy house around 7. It’s important to be on time — no one will be allowed to come in after 7:15 — we don’t want interruptions.   There will be a little introduction with basic information about female ejaculation — the demonstrater needs some time to warm up 😉

When everything’s ready, she’ll come out, and her helper  will assist her in ejaculating one, two or three times depending on how the stars align and on how much of an exhibitionist she is. Afterwards, she’ll dry off  and dress and talk a little about her experiences and the kinds of stimulation she needs to make fountains happen.

And then that should move into wine-drinking, cheese nibbling and all of us exchanging ideas about what’s fun for us. The evening should wrap up around 10 at the latest. Hope to see you there.

What this demo is about:

  • being surprised – seeing something fun and realistic
  • enjoying sexual energy vicariously
  • talking about the different ways our bodies work and the fun stuff we can do with them
  • hanging out and enjoying some wine with friends

What it’s NOT

  • trying to make your or your partner’s body ‘do’ something
  • ‘live’ porn (well maybe it is just a little)
  • for watching then leaving — this is a little sexy, a little educational and a WHOLE lotta social – when else to you get to talk about orgasms with people you don’t know?


$10 donation; only those who have RSVP’d at sexpositive.stl@gmail.com and recieved a confirmation will be granted entry. This event is limited to those who have met Anna, David, Johnny or Kendra and their guests.