Ad-Liberation! SEX+STL and NARAL present a night of Improv!

Join Sex Positive St. Louis and NARAL: Pro-Choice America for Ad-Liberation! A Night of Improv Comedy featuring Mama’s Pot Roast, Washington University’s Premiere Short Form Improv and Sketch Comedy Group. March 20th at the Ann W. Olin Women’s Building on the Washington University Campus: (Download the map here.)

Jealousy and . . . Violence?

by RunSilent RunDeep We have all probably heard of people who have gotten violent, or who have threatened violence, when they have discovered that their “significant other” has been in contact with someone who is not monogamous. Being reasonable and compersive people people, we have probably said to ourselves, “What in the world could possibly be up […]

The Ethical Side of Smut

Continuing the discussion started by Kate Lovelady’s “In Defense of Smut,” join The Ethical Society of St. Louis and Sex Positive St. Louis in a discourse about the role smut plays in our lives. How do you use smut? Do you feel guilt about your interaction with smut? Is it possible to integrate smut into […]

Be a Star in ShowMe!

Be part of St. Louis’ first collection of erotic fiction! You’ve probably heard about ShowMe, Sex Positive St. Louis’ collection of 12 pieces of short erotic fiction. Hot tales featuring  places, cultures, and experiences that make life – and sex – in St. Louis unique. This will be the first collection of erotic stories to focus […]

Savage U

There are certain segments of the sex positive movement and its sister movements (feminists, gay rights activists, trans rights activists, etc…) that hate Dan Savage. Savage has been giving sex advice for decades now, and because of his quick mouth, acerbic wit, and admittedly stinging sense of humor, it’s easy to go back twenty years, […]