Bend Over and Say Hello to Mistress Simone

by David Wraith

The lovely Mistress Simone. We'll have what she's having.

So, you saw the cover of Lee Harrington’s book Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond, and you asked yourself, who is that hot domme on the cover? Well, mystery solved: she is none other than nationally renowned kink educator, Mistress Simone. Mistress Simone divides her time between St. Louis and Chicago, where she is the head mistress of clubFEM.  I was referred to her while researching this post on pegging, and thought I’d get the pro-domme perspective on the subject.

Wraith: What do you enjoy about pegging?

Mistress Simone: Pegging is a new name for an activity I have engaged in personally for years. To me it is just called “strap on.” It is probably one of the most intimate exchanges between a woman and man that can be engaged in. Adding D/s to the dynamics enhances the submission of the male to his Mistress.

Wraith: Any advice for men who want to be pegged?

Mistress Simone: As a Mistress, I reserve my pegging for those who I am bonded with in some form whether it be collar, partner or other. It is not a casual activity many engage in. Some do, but more often it is a reserved activity. Most likely a man who pursues this activity as the initial contact will be refused due to this factor.

A Domme is not going to reward someone who is not known to her with a pegging. My suggestion is either to put more effort into developing a connection first before expecting a pegging or visit a pro-domme who engages in it.


Mistress Simone. Damn.

Wraith: Is there kind a woman who’s into pegging? Dommes perhaps, or do peggers come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments?

Mistress Simone: Pegging is enjoyed by all types of women regardless of size, shape or temperament. It more so has to do with the freedom of expression between the people doing it. Not all Dommes do enjoy it. Some submissive women see it as service to give that pleasure.

Wraith: Would you encourage women who haven’t done it to try it?

Mistress Simone: I would encourage all women to try it at least once. The power received from engaging in this with your male is incredible.

Okay, who else got turned on by the way she said, “your male”?

Can’t get enough of Mistress Simone? Check out her interview on the Erotic Awakening podcast.

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Bye, sexuals.


  1. I have pegged. It gave me new respect for men. I had no idea all that thrusting was hard work! It was a new sensation and I wasn’t used to it. I prefer lying back and letting the man do all the work. KIDDING.

  2. Beautiful,’Yes it is hard work but in the heat of things rarely notice (on either end,smile!) And definitely a new sensation the first time. It can take awhile to get use to it as women are unfamiliar with that particular type of intimate movement. A good harness makes all the difference. Also,experiment with positions. Doggie style is just one option. I find many men like lying on their backs or side. Good Pegging!

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