Guess Who’s Coming to Beat Me!

by David Wraith

For the uninitiated, Beat Me in St. Louis (commonly known as “Beat Me” or “BMSL”) is an annual BDSM convention now in its fourteenth year. Beat Me draws attendees, vendors and sex educators from across the country. Instructors teach the tricks of their trade during daytime classes, and guests can then try out what they’ve learned during nighttime play parties. After years of sharing the common areas of the host hotel with the vanilla hotel guests (and covering the glass walls of the hot tub and pool area with paper, before clothing optional swims), this year Beat Me has secured an exclusive location. No vanillas allowed. I spoke with event organizer, Jsin of Stl3, for more info.

Rope Rigger T0ne, one of the presenters at Beat Me in St. Louis 14. Photo by Virginia Harold

David Wraith:  Who puts on Beat Me in St. Louis?

Jsin: StL3, Inc. is a group dedicated to the free expression of alternative lifestyles and forms of loving.  Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the group was formed in 1997 to meet the needs of a growing BDSM community in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  The membership of STL3 consists of couples and individuals from across the socioeconomic spectrum.  StL3 does not discriminate based upon age, race, religion, sexual orientation, religious preference, or chosen lifestyle.  The only standards which group members must adhere to is that activities practices must be “safe, sane, and consensual.”

DW: How will Beat Me in St. Louis 14 be different from previous years?

Jsin: BMSL this year has taken itself to a whole new level, in the past we have had to share ourselves with hotels that were either sleezy and/or had rooms rented and dedicated to trucking companies, airport staff as well as permanent hotel guest and many others. This year we have the entire hotel to ourselves, I have been able to secure a hotel that is exclusive to BMSL, its staff and attendee’s. This year we will have no worries about sharing space with those that just do not see our life choices as important as theirs. This BMSL opens a new era of fun and fantasy with full immersion into our world, a world built by STL3, its members and the dreams of a dedicated BMSL staff.

DW: What’s the “Kinky Resort” I’ve been hearing about?

Jsin: The kinky resort is the dream of the staff of BMSL, The staff likens out situation with the new event location as a “Kinky Resort” with our long dungeon hours, our 23 hours a day heated pool(need an hour to clean and restock it) Bar and no one under 21 allowed at all in the hotel. This is a true kinky party atmosphere.

DW: Any suggestions for first time attendees?

Jsin: Yes, of course. The absolute #1 thing is to DO NOT WAIT, get your tickets NOW, they ARE going fast and you want to be here. Then once you have done that you need to be getting in touch with our kinky resort meet and mingle girl “Frenchies” she is the one that will open up the kinky world to you by getting together with the group of meet and minglers and giving the an advanced idea of what to expect, be it online, through email or in person at the event Friday and Saturday night. I have it on good authority that she has been talking with presenters and they are coming to the meet and mingle to share some time with new people and try and make their experience unforgettable. Who know what can happen, maybe you will find that certain one or just a new friend that is there for the same reason as you. Look for more information about the meet and mingle at our web site Look for Frenchies contact information soon to appear and tell her Jsin sent ya’.

DW: What other things can attendees expect?

Jsin: This is going to be an amazing weekend, over 300 people, an entire hotel, indoor heated pool 23 hours a day are only a small part of the weekend. we have a larger vending area complete with ALL your kinky toys to purchase as well as t-shirts made to order, a body artist to paint those great looking bodies with any sort of design, the imagination is the limit. More class rooms and classes then before, over 10,000 square feet of event area not including the all kinky restaurant area and bar. There will also be demo’s on and off for those walking around to enjoy. Come and play, when you are tired stop in at the late night buffet second to none at kinky events. More of what everyone wants. This is a weekend that you will not soon forget.

DW: Can you preview some of the classes and presenters?

Jsin: This year’s lineup of presenters is the best we have ever offered in my opinion. We have great presenters at all our kinky weekends, but this will be the most classes ever offered at any of them. Names like:

Fifth Angel, author of “The Finer Points of Pain and Pleasure,” a how-to guide for using pressure points in BDSM and “Your Pain, My Pleasure: Inside the Mind of a Sexual Sadist.” Fifth Angel not only writes a great book but he lives his work, his classes will polarize his audience, you either cannot take your eyes off his work or you cannot stay and watch because it is so intense.

Big Bad Jim, Hailing from Canada, Jim is a Poly Leather Top that prides himself on giving back to the community. Jim identifies as a sadist.  Like any sadist he derives pleasure from inflicting pain, whether he is using “Boris” his trusty sidekick, or as the painfully talented “Dixie Normous”.  With a black hankie in his back left pocket there is no question he loves what he does.

Michael “Sol” is a nationally recognized sex-positive educator and performance artist active in the fetish, bondage and BDSM communities. Beginning consciously in 1980, Sol’s alternative journey has resolved into a commitment to merge art, spirituality and connection into his lifestyle in expressions of sacred sexuality, alternative relationships, and participation in BDSM and bondage that include Japanese rope bondage, body art, Edge play, sensation play and photography.

Uncle Abdul is the nom de plum of a California man who is a practicing professional electrical engineer (with a B.S.E.E. and a P.E. license) with more than 30 years of experience in the field. In 1998 Unc’s book, “JUICE–Electricity for Pleasure and Pain,” first appeared. It has been widely acclaimed throughout the world as the best book written on the description and the safety issues in E-Stim and E-Play. Unc’ also has written articles and has been interviewed for different publications on these subjects. He is also a member of several electrosex mailing lists, and has provided consultation for others on various E-Play/Stim toys and devices.

Simon Blaise has brought fire play into the new era, his revolutionary way to control the burning passion that is fire play. His “Blaise Sticks” take what we knew about handling fire and makes it as outdated as the bag phone. Along with his fire classes Simon amazes crowds with his beautiful style of suspension known as “Blaise Wrap” taking cling wrap to another level.

Lucky Albatross, “liz” has been active in the public scene for twelve years this past November.   Her classes on wax play, face slapping and aftercare (before you play) are sure to be crowd favorites at BMSL

T0ne, a long-time St. Louisian, T0ne is a nationally-known Shibari rigger and experienced instructor. He is a veteran of the BDSM community with roots deeply set in D/s and especially M/s relationship dynamics. Practiced in the art of Shibari, T0ne is an experienced rigger who also enjoys blade-play, take-downs, and edge-play. His classes this year at BMSL will take the non rope enthusiast to advanced rigger on a journey to challenge themselves to become the rigger they want to be with his 4 class intensive training.

“Trigger The Human Equine” Horse has been involved in the BDSM scene since the 70’s but it wasn’t until the mid 90s that he found his true pony persona and pony headspace while at Diversions in Florida where he had his first riders with his ‘pony harness’.  He has since had over 1000 different ladies ride him from a few minutes to a few hours.  He has a horse soul.

Joy is a 28 year old slave who has been serving the St. Louis Community for nearly 8 years. She walked into her first munch the day after her 21st birthday and she just never looked back! She has been an active participant and volunteer at FLOG, St. Louis’ monthly play party, as well as Beat Me in St. Louis, Spanksgiving, StL3 Submissive Forum, and St. Louis Kinky Book Club. In 2010, she founded the St. Louis Movie and Munch (M&M) as a way to give back to the community which has given so much to her.

Rick’s Kitten, kitten has been a part of the BDSM Community for 24 years. Her journey began as a young woman in the NYC scene. Starting as a Domme and then in her words “coming full circle,” to the slave she is in her heart. She has been presenting, educating and mentoring to the West Virginia and Ohio Community for many years on a variety of topics.

Bucky is a deviant switch from the Chicago area.  Although he’s been living the fetish life for decades, he only “officially” became part of the lifestyle within the past five years. After seeing a fetish show at a play party, he became fascinated with rope bondage and quickly learned the skills necessary to do his own tying. Finding that traditional methods don’t always fit within his scenes, he developed his own style for not only rope bondage but for other types of play as well, preferring to follow the flow of energy with his partner and within the scene rather than doing what “the book” says.

More presenters will be added as the confirm with us, please check back at for more information

Beat Me in St. Louis is presented by Stl3.