How to Meet the Domme of Your Dreams: Part 2

by Mistress Simone

Editor’s Note: This is part 2 of a 3 part series. Part 1 can be read here.


Submissives, enjoy this rare opportunity to look down on Mistress Simone. Photo courtesy of the author.


Turn-Ons: (God, I feel like a Penthouse Pet):

  1. Self Confidence: Not cockiness! Having self knowledge about what you like and dislike enough to communicate it.
  2. Wit: Not smart-asses or rudeness. A witty remark properly placed can win you huge points.
  3. Good Appearance: It doesn’t matter what your style is as long as you present it to us in a clean, nice smelling, well dressed and sweet manner.
  4. Politeness: not interrupting me in mid sentence to get your point across, waiting to introduce yourself till I am free. Let me acknowledge you first then step up. Referring to me with my chosen motif.


Immediate Turn-Offs:


  1. Assumed Familiarity: Do not approach her as an old buddy you have known for years. To her, you are an unknown factor, one which must be assessed for desirability and compatibility. If you act like you have known her right off the bat, it will bring her defenses up.  Take it slow, get to know her.
  2. Super High Intensity, Super Fast. Much like people shy away from a fire as it will burn them, they do so from super high intensity from new people. When meeting a woman, gauge her intensity and match it. Show her you are interested in getting to know her desires and kinks. You are after all seeking to serve or submit to her. Key to that is learning her likes and dislikes.
  3. Sloppiness: Dirty clothes, unshaven, unshowered, and odorous or anything along this line is an automatic shut down for me. If you can not take the time to care for yourself, how can you take care of me? You will be representing me when out, why would I want a slob associated with my name? On the same token, do not wear too much cologne, aftershave or hair gel. Be nicely dressed and smell good. Most women react strongly to scent. It’s a huge turn-on or turn-off for us.
  4. Arrogance or a Super Macho Attitude: One sure fire way to piss off a dominant woman seeking a sub (yes, I have to clarify here!) is to come on as super male. Be yourself!
  5. Bravado: Posturing hoping to gain her attention over the others vying for it will get you ignored. We tend to notice the quiet ones that we have intelligent conversations with.
  6. Immediately Shooting for the Prime Personal Spot! This is a sure fire turn off for me and many. I do not know you from Adam and you want to be that close to me without getting to know me first. To me this represents an unwillingness to earn that place. You can ask her is she is seeking a submissive or play partner. The privileged spot is reserved for those who earn it.
  7. False Intelligence: Know it all behavior. You will get more kudos for realistically knowing your own brain and what you absolutely know nothing about.
  8. Touching: Do not touch a female domme without prior permission. Don’t drop to her feet, grab them and start kissing. This is very presumptuous. And will most certainly gain you the type of attention you do not want.

Next week, Mistress Simone’s Top Ten Submissives to Not Be.

Mistress Simone has been a professional and lifestyle domina and sex educator for over 20 years.