Fleshtivus Goes Viral

by David Wraith

Not sure if “going viral” is the best phrase to use with regard to a clothing optional event put on by a sexuality organization, but that seems to be the case with our little Clothing Optional Meet Up, “Fleshtivus.”

After Chad Garrison’s preview and follow-up posts on The Riverfront Times blog and subsequent mention in their print edition, we saw an unprecedented amount of interest in our group. Kendra did an interview with KTRS: The Big 550 and the emails started pouring in.

Tonight I Googled “Fleshtivus” and discovered that we’d made digg, BuzzFeed, fmeme, something called Anybeat, Gather and The Financial World News (?) who seem to think that we are located in Ohio, EcoSalon’s Sex by the Numbers, a site that had to be translated from Arabic, some other aggregate sites and blogs, my favorite of which was Sex and the South.

I also discovered that we are not the first to coin the term “Fleshtivus.” I found a 2009 post on the Fleshlight blog, defining Fleshtivus as the last day of the holiday season you can openly use your Fleshlight, before the presence of family makes it too risky.

Merry Fleshtivus to all, and to all a good wank.


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