Big Ups, Mad Props and Sincere Thank-You’s

Flying our freak flag at Pride Fest 2011

by David Wraith

SEX+STL started in late 2010, so 2011 represents our first full calendar year of existence. As the year draws to a close, I want to reflect on the fact that it takes way more than four people to keep even a small, not for profit, unlanded, grassroots  organization like SEX+STL going strong. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to our sex positive movement this year.

First, my sisters and brother at SEX+HQ: Anna Bent for starting it all, Kendra Holliday for bringing me into to the fold and Johnny Murdoc for being the calm, Zen like presence amid the chaos.

I want to thank Kendra’s partner Matthew, Johnny’s partner Evan and my partner Elaine. Anyone who’s run a not for profit organization or dated someone who has, knows that significant others often become part of the org, whether they want to or not.

Next, I want to thank our fabulous volunteers: Team SEX+STL. Drew Digital, our event coordinator, Claire who does fundraisers and handles our corporate sponsorship, Justin who does our press, Robin who does our outreach and helped run the Sex Positive Parenting Group, Mike and Holli at Spanky’s, our corporate sponsor, Mac who does our audio recording, and Gina who runs the book club.

To everyone who facilitated a coffee talk: Rebecca & Woof, DJ Kaiser, Jenny and Charlotte Times.

To everyone who hosted a Clothing Optional Meet Up – Bridget, Claire, Wesley, Justin, Chris & Christina.

Thanks to all the venues that opened their doors to us – Shameless Grounds (our unofficial satellite office), The Stable, Mokabe’s, HandleBar, Foam, The Facility, Hot Shots Sports Bar and Grill, The Ethical Society and The LGBT Center of St. Louis.

Thanks to Mark and Alessandra and everyone at the St. Louis Drawing and Painting Meet Up Group. To all the artists who exhibited in our shows at The Stable. Anyone I haven’t already mentioned who got naked for us at one of our drawing events: Stacey, Stephanie, Greer, John, Damien, Megan, Ben, Katelyn, Kate. All the DJs who spun at our events: Shawn Gaston, Sweets Gallo, Chad the Rockabilly Boy, Al Swacker.

Thanks to all our volunteer photographers: Mike Estes, Crystal Rolfe, Molly Algernon and Ziztur.

All the writers who rocked the mic at SEX+STL Out Loud: Melissa Meinzer, Melissa Singleton, Maxine Beach, Marie Haynes, and Linda Lawson.

Thanks to everyone who marched with us at Pride Fest.

Thanks to all the writers who guest blogged for us and to all the writes, photographers and artists who let us jack their content for our website.

Thanks to Sugar Cyanide, Allura Fette, Penny Dreadful, Rocky and everyone at Literary Nudes for making one of their monthly events a fundraiser for us.

To the remarkable Brennan Peters for organizing SlutWalk St. Louis and letting us be part of it, and to everyone who made that day what it was; Brennan’s partner Randy Shinn, Robyn Montague and Claire Swinford from TransHaven, Bo and Tink from Charenton Social Club, Theresa, Sarah and Jessica from AlphaWom, Chip Schloss at Atomic Cowboy, Nancy Novak and everyone from the Body Positive Fashion Show, Michelle Mynx and her amazing burlesque performers, all the marchers and survivors and everyone who attended the workshops.

And last but not least, thank YOU! Thanks for reading the blog, liking us on Facebook and following and re-tweeting us on Twitter. Thanks for coming to our happy hours, coffee talks, meet ups, play parties and other events. We do it for you guys. Nobody likes to throw a party in an empty room. Here’s to a bigger room and a better party in 2012!

SEX+STL marching at SlutWalk 2011