HypnoGasm: Trisha’s Story

Ed Note: On Monday we interviewed Eric Kendall, hypnotist. On Wednesday we featured Robin’s story. Today is Trisha’s turn! When I first asked Trisha to share her HypnoGasm story, she asked for it to be posted anonymously, which I was happy to do. But a few minutes later, she emailed me again, declaring, “on second thought . . . I don’t want to be anonymous ….  I love writing about this! Love the experience!  It’s beautiful!”

The old Carly Simon song “Do That to me One More Time” is my theme song when it comes to orgasms.  The lyrics say “once is never enough!”  Isn’t that the way you feel after an orgasm?  The intensity and pleasure of the moment is just that . . . a moment. It’s beautiful, it takes your breath away, it fills every cell of your being with a rush of adrenalin, incredible well-being, bliss. Oh, please, do that to me ONE MORE TIME!

Orgasms are as beautiful as cloudbows - and thankfully, not as rare.

When Eric Kendall mentioned that he was studying how to use hypnosis for orgasms, I was like a little kid . . . filled with excitement and expectation . . . raising my hand, waving it as mightily as I could, saying pick me, pick me! Hypnosis has always fascinated me and knowing the potential outcome of this kind of session, where orgasms could repeatedly explode . . . well, there was no question in my mind that it was for a worthy cause . . . ME!

The first session was private with my husband present. I had doubts, of course, that Eric could really put me in a state of hypnosis, for this was my first time. His words began to slowly relax me. My mind tried to keep control of things, but my subconscious took over.  It was hard for me to believe that it was such a simple process to reach the hypnotic state.

I will always remember his very first suggestion . . . I will count to five and you will feel a slight orgasm. He counted, I waited . . . nothing. Ha!  You see, it doesn’t work, said my control-freak mind.  Then ever so slowly, there was a pleasurable tingling sensation . . . hmmmmmm! I was surprised and delighted that it had worked!He repeated the process – counting to five and adding this instruction, “this time it will be twice as intense.” And again, the pleasure, the heat, the good vibrations pulsating deep inside . . . all those glorious feelings that are aroused sexually . . . came a little stronger. Ohhhh!  Now we’re on to something!

For the next hour he gave the same instructions – counting to five and making each one twice as intense  as the time before. I sat in the chair, writhing in ecstasy, moaning with pleasure, completely giving myself over to the repeated gratification, enjoying the never ending journey!

The orgasms came from deep within the caverns of my being. There was no physical stimulation required – my hands were at my side unless they became part of the expression of the climax as they were held up in animated suspension during the height of the orgasm.

Finally, he brought me out of the hypnosis with one final suggestion that would be a mind-blowing experience for my husband and me. He instructed, “for the rest of the weekend, from now until you fall asleep on Sunday night, whenever Bruce rubs your left shoulder, you will experience an orgasm.”

Cool! We thought . . .this is going to be fun!  We left for our two hour drive home and as soon as we were out of city traffic, Bruce reached over to rub my shoulder. We both were curious and expectant! Bingo! The orgasms returned with all their intensity, pleasure and fun!

That was absolutely the best road trip we’ve ever taken – the MOST enjoyable two hour trip! I was completely unaware of the road, the traffic, the passing time. All I knew was that whenever Bruce reached over to rub my shoulder, the result felt sooooooooo good!

As much fun as the drive home had been, the rest of the evening topped the charts! Imagine a middle-aged sexually active couple experiencing a night of sex as if they were teenagers again! Over and over I came as Bruce rubbed my shoulder. Each orgasm was intense, full-filling and wonderful  – and whenever he penetrated me, the orgasms were like none I’ve ever experienced – because his thrusting did not determine the outcome, but greatly intensified the sensations. For as long as we could physically last, they continued . . . it was endless enjoyment and pleasure. We lost count of the hours, but the next morning in our exhausted stupor determined it had been six hours of bliss.

From my perspective, the experience was all about the pleasurable and rewarding satisfaction. For Bruce, it was about a power every man dreams about and yearns for . . . the power to make a woman come over and over and over.  He knew we were exhausted, he worried that I might blow a gasket!  But, the incredible power his hand held was a driving force that was unstoppable and unquenchable. Whatever position we took, the hand to my shoulder delivered powerful results!

As we recovered the next day, completely worn out, but extremely satisfied with silly grins on our face, we headed to church.  Whenever Bruce’s hand moved in my direction, I jumped . . . skittish and fearful of a full-blown episode in the middle of the service!  After a much needed nap that afternoon, we repeated the sexual adventure well into the night – for it was to come to an end when we fell asleep on Sunday night.

A second session with Eric occurred at the Shameless Grounds coffee house a few months later. Eagerly we drove to St. Louis to attend and even more eagerly, I volunteered to participate, for this time, I knew the rewards were assured! It was different to be in front of a crowd, but soon all that fell away and I was lost in repeated orgasms at his suggestions. What a blast it was to be sitting with other women, hearing their moans, realizing the pleasure that surrounded me!

Hypnosis has been used for so many areas of life . . . but this is absolutely the most incredible use of the power of suggestion!  Next on our list with Eric – it’s Bruce’s turn!!  Stay tuned!

About the author: Bruce and Trisha live full time in their RV on the banks of the Missouri River. If you want to learn more about how they live the life of their dreams, grab their free e-book “We Did It – You Can Too” at their website, RV Fulltime.