SEX+STL Clothing Optional Weekend June 29th – July 1st

But only if you choose to...

Nude Recreation Week is July 9th – 15th, but here at SEX+HQ, we can’t wait that long, so we’re ending June and kicking off July with a bang! A three day weekend of Clothing Optional events to help you cool off in this hot summer.

Bare as You Dare: Radical Body Acceptance, June 29th, 7pm at Shameless Grounds

World Naked Bike Ride STL, SEX+STL and SlutWalk STL present: Bare as You Dare: A Radical Body Acceptance Workshop.

Are you or is someone you love a closet nudist or reluctant exhibitionist who’s plagued with body image issues? Bare as You Dare will be an open, body positive, *clothing optional forum to discuss those issues and how they apply to radical body acceptance, sex positivity and clothing optional socialization.

David Wraith of SEX+STL will be on hand to facilitate the discussion and answer any questions you might have about World Naked Bike Ride, SlutWalk, Clothing Optional Meet Ups, Clothing Optional Yoga, National Go Topless Day, etc.

Topics may include nudism, fat shaming, slut shaming, top free equality, body image in the media, and more.

*This event is clothing optional within the limits of the law. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to go “as bare as you dare” so long as it’s street legal. No exposed genitals or bare female nipples (sorry ladies, we’re working on this). And wear shoes, this is a restaurant after all.

Free and open to ages 18 and up.

That's one way to make sure your outfit and accessories don't clash.

Clothing Optional Meet-Up: Eyes Wide Shut, June 30th, 7pm – 11pm at a private location in South City

Our next Optional Meet-Up will have an “Eyes Wide Shut” theme. So wear a mask and little else. Enjoy the swanky South St. Louis venue with a steam room, sauna and a hot tub. Bring a towel and something to eat or drink. This is a private event open to those who know one of the co-founders of SEX+STL (that would be Anna, Kendra, David, or Johnny) and their guests. Space is limited and filling up fast! RSVP to kendra [at] thebeautifulkind [dot] com.

Clothing Optional Yoga with Ami Amoré, July 1st, 5pm, at a private yoga studio near Cherokee and Jefferson

Photo by Insomniac Studios

Wind down from a weekend of social nudity with a clothing optional yoga class. All experience levels welcome. Class is limited to 13 students. Doors open at 4:30pm, class begins promptly at 5pm (please arrive at least five minutes before class begins to insure entry). The fee is $10.00.

RSVP to amorticious [at] gmail [dot] com.