In Honor of World Naked Bike Ride: Nude News from Around the World

Chicago, we're gonna let you finish, but St. Louis had one of the greatest World Naked Rides of all time! photo by Blaine Schanter

Chicago, we’re gonna let you finish, but St. Louis had one of the greatest World Naked Rides of all time! photo by Blaine Schanter

by David Wraith

Did you know that St. Louis is host to one of the biggest World Naked Bike Ride’s in the country? Well, if you don’t know, now you know. Last week we celebrated Nude Recreation Week with our Bare As You Dare workshop, and now we’re eagerly awaiting the best naked party in St. Louis, so in honor of the World Naked Bike Ride, here’s our favorite Nude News from Around the World!


Saving money on food and clothes in Germany.

To celebrate its 2012 grand opening, a Priss Supermarket on the German/Danish border gave away $276.00 in free groceries to the first 100 customers willing to shop in the nude. Someone should pitch this idea to Trader Joe’s.

Naked Gym

Working out naked makes it easier to see the results of your labor.

Easy Gym in the Basque region of Spain is the country’s first clothing optional gym. It’s not on the property of a nudist resort; otherwise it wouldn’t make this list. Nope, it’s just a regular fitness center where members have the option of getting buff in the buff.


These distractions might even add a few strokes to Tiger Woods’ game. Get it? Strokes?

If you’re wondering what outfit you should wear for a round of golf on La Jenny Naturist Course in France, don’t bother. La Jenny is not clothing optional, it’s nudity required; no clothes allowed. If you think I’m about to make a joke about playing “eighteen holes,” you are sadly mistaken. Good day, sir.


Arts funding being what it is, sometimes the costume budget is the first thing to go.

James Lyles’ play,Clothing Optional,” focuses on the interactions between a man and a woman who are attending a party. One is fully clothed, the other completely nude. The one-act play is designed to be performed twice, back to back, with the main characters swapping costumes, as it were, between performances.


The first rule of Clothing Optional Dinner Club is… no hot soup.

A group of New York nudists have organized a Clothing Optional Dinner Club. They meet monthly and dine in the nude at Manhattan area restaurants with private rooms or that are willing to close for the night to accommodate them.

In 2004, Chicago hosted a Naked Poetry Anti-Slam, a live poetry reading that was both anti-slam (a “slam” is a competition where poets go head-to-head before a panel of scoring judges) and anti-clothes, since the performers read in the nude.  Fittingly enough, Aurora Donovan Danai, the Chicago poet who founded the event was also the organizer of the Chicago World Naked Bike Ride.

Boston stand-up comic Andy Ofiesh is the organizer of Naked Comedy Showcase, where he and fellow comedians tell jokes in the nude. That’s not a rubber chicken, that’s my… (rim-shot!)

Like I’ve always said, anything worth doing is worth doing naked. See you at the bike ride!

This year’s World Naked Bike Ride St. Louis will be held on July 27th. The pre-ride party begins at 6pm on the Commerce Bank parking lot at Grand and Arsenal. The ride starts at 8pm and ends at Manchester and Talmage where there with be block party hosted by HandleBar and Atomic Cowboy.