Melt (or Sex & Waffles on Cherokee Street)

Get your waffle on!

Get your waffle on!

We all know about smoking the customary after sex cigarette. But what do you do after phone sex? You eat waffles, that’s what!

We here at SEX+HQ have always found waffles to be very sexy. Well, maybe not the actual waffle so much as the way the waffle receives the syrup. But always having syrup on your waffle too much commitment for even the most monogamous among us. Luckily, Melt on Cherokee has an assortment of sweet and savory waffles of positively polyamorous proportions.

You may not know about the connection between the Cherokee neighborhood and the St. Louis sex positive community. Cherokee was the sight of SEX+STL’s first ever happy hour back in 2010 at Foam Coffee and Beer, it’s home to I Scream Cakes, providers of ice cream for Joe Kloun’s Sweet & Sticky SeXXXy Ice Cream Social and it’s the location of SEX+STL’s twice weekly Clothing Optional Yoga.

In honor of our third anniversary, we’re taking it back to where it all began for us and going hard on Cherokee. First, there’s our Third Anniversary Happy Hour at Foam on September 26th from 6pm – 9pm. Then September 27th & 28th, Cameryn Moore presents her one-woman show Phone Whore at 2720 Cherokee at 8pm (get advance tickets here). And after each night’s performance, join us for post-show waffles and booze at Melt. I spoke with Melt’s Kelly Pickett to find out what sets the place apart from the average waffle house.

SEX+STL: When did Melt open and what inspired you to open it?

Kelly Pickett: Melt opened in 2012 at the corner of Ivory and Schirmer in the Carondelet neighborhood. It closed in March of 2013 to start build-out and be reopened on Cherokee in June of 2013. We did the IndiHop event June 1st, but did not fully open until June 12, 3013, exactly one year later from initial open. It was inspired by the up and coming evolution of the food truck industry in St. Louis.

Why a waffle themed restaurant?

Waffles were chosen because I had wanted to open a chicken and waffle food truck. When I was in Austin, Texas I ate at one that was delicious and hilarious. My last name is Pickett and in Austin I came across a food truck called Ms. P’s Electric Cock. I came home and was ready to start my own! My partner had questioned the viability of food trucks in St. Louis. He had a small coffee shop and a small ice cream shop that were both struggling. We decided instead of a food truck, let’s melt or blend the two together, add waffles and start with a restaurant first.

Why Cherokee and what do you like about the neighborhood?

The move from Carondelet to Cherokee was because of three main reasons. One being foot traffic, location alone created a better buzz and more people noticing us on a regular basis. We no longer would be a destination place only. It is easier to find, was an up and coming, very well mixed neighborhood and had many successful surrounding businesses. The second was our up cycled decor and eclectic feel, we knew it would be more appreciated and interesting to the community and folks of Cherokee. Third is the addition of variety to Cherokee. Again, it is up and coming and needed some variety in addition to the many great Mexican restaurants. A friend on Cherokee had given us many great reasons to expand the menu and bar atmosphere on the street and touted it’s very great community environment. When we opened we had never felt so welcomed! It was very heartwarming and encouraging to see so much community support.

What are your favorite menu items?

My favorite menu items are the waffles! [Laughs] Kidding. I love the Wake and Bake, who can resist bacon cooked in a waffle and topped with eggs and cheese! I also really enjoy the Granny Franny, our apple cinnamon waffle. Could be because we named it after my grandma Francis Pickett, who was always called Franny by others and always baked apples pies for my sister. Smoothies are great, fresh and fruity, good for you and refreshing. Some of our new specials are quickly making the cut. Sunday’s Biscuits and Gravy waffles are fantastic and the new Mac n Cheese waffles are soon to be a big hit (or so we think). The PB&J is also a good one, kids and adults all enjoys. Plus it is a perfect pairing with our Saturday morning cartoons on the big screen.

If you can’t wait to get your waffles on, check out Community Arts and Movement Project’s fundraiser, Melt Your Heart, Wednesday September 25th. And we’ll see you on Cherokee Street.