SEX+STL Clothing Optional Bowling Party: Friday, April 18th


It’s always a perfect game when you’re naked!

Everybody, everybody, get your bowl on! Join us for (what we honestly believe to be) St. Louis’ first ever Clothing Optional Bowling Party.

$20 gets you three hours of clothing optional bowling and/or billiards, shoe rental and free food.
Cash bar (no outside beverages, please)
Catering By Shameless Grounds
Music provided by DJ Shawn Gaston
Tickets must be purchased by April 15th.

Event will be held at a bowling alley in the Central Corridor. Location will be given the week of the event.

Housekeeping Issues:

– Clothing optional means “clothing optional,” not “nudity required.” Be as bare as you dare. No pressure.

– Bring a towel to sit on, if you plan on going sans-cullotte

– While you won’t be thrown out for holding hands with or putting your arm around your partner(s), THIS IS NOT A PLAY PARTY (talk to Kendra about those), so no heavy petting.

– Non-Consensual touching of guests will not be tolerated. Yes, this includes hugs, especially if you or they are naked. When in doubt, ask. Or, just offer a handshake.

This is a PRIVATE PARTY. You must have attended a previous SEX+STL event and be known by the SEX+STL leadership (or be the guest of someone has) to attend. (Your guests are your responsibility. Please make sure they know the rules. They should not arrive before you or leave after you.)

To RSVP, send an email to davidwraith (at) yahoo (dot) com with the subject line “COMU Bowling Party” for link to purchase tickets.  Include the title of your favorite movie in the email and I’ll know you read the full announcement.