SEX+STL: The War on Whores with Maggie McNeill

Featuring Maggie McNeill
Brown School at Washington University 
1 Brookings Dr · St. Louis, MO

THIS EVENT IS A VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY. We are SO excited to welcome Maggie McNeill back to St Louis! She was last here in 2014, promoting her book. This time, she is showcasing her new documentary, “The War on Whores.”

It is fabulous enough that we are showing the film, but to have Maggie HERE with us to discuss and answer questions is incredible!

FREE ADMISSION. Please don’t miss this chance to meet this brilliant and famous sex worker activist.

Maggie McNeill

Maggie is based in Seattle, and is an “over-educated and unrepentant whore who talks far too much and writes the popular blog ‘The Honest Courtesan’, in addition to the usual harlotry.”

Event Location is Washington University’s Brown Hall Auditorium, a 325 seat Auditorium at Washington University’s Brown Hall, Forsyth Boulevard and Chaplin Drive (two blocks west of Skinker Boulevard) This auditorium is wheelchair accessible.

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