Finding Peace at The Facility

by Johnny Murdoc

In lieu of a blog post today, I’m going to direct you to an essay of mine that was published this week. It’s my account of SEX+STL’s first fundraiser, and I think it’s relevant to share here for a handful of reasons. The most important is that we have another fundraiser coming up (I believe David Wraith will have more details up here soon), this time to benefit Kendra’s legal fund.

If you have concerns about what play parties involve or what The Facility is like, I’d encourage you to check the essay out. Of the four co-founders of SEX+STL, I’m the least experienced when it comes to an organized BDSM scene or experience and I think that my essay provides a good “outsider looking in” perspective that should give you an idea of what to expect if you’re considering attending a future party at The Facility.

Do not let the flaming whip intimidate you. It was AWESOME.

On first examination, The Facility resembles a warehouse that’s been abandoned for the weekend. It’s easy to imagine that, come Monday, it will be filled with blue-collared men and women doing an honest day’s work—until you look to the left and see two metal shelving units, utilitarian in their Home Depot design, displaying a dozen or so foam mannequin heads modeling assorted gags. This isn’t your typical warehouse, and you can’t buy those at your local DIY superstore…

“With this music,” my partner, Evan, says, “it’s like we’re going to Prom.”

Prom in an abandoned warehouse, sure. It’s here that I should admit that I’m not entirely comfortable. The night’s planned events, Kendra Holliday’s Coming Out Party, intimidate me a little. I’m not a kinkster. I’m not in what insiders know to be “the Scene.”

This may look like an abandoned warehouse, but when we go up to the second story we see two men working to complete a St. Andrew’s Cross, an X-shaped wooden framework for restraining willing victims. Around the room there are various pieces of furniture, each of them designed to facilitate a unique interaction between partners. There are suspension beams, a ladder rack, a whipping post, and a shrink wrapping tool. In one corner, there’s an ordinary bed. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

We are, in fact, in Missouri, located in what feels like a forgotten part of St. Louis. We’re here because tonight is also a fundraiser for Sex Positive St. Louis. Along with Anna Banana, David Wraith, and Kendra, I’m hoping to create an environment in this city where people can talk about sexuality openly and have a little fun with it. Tonight is supposed to be the fun part, and while I’m excited, I’m also intimidated.

You can find the entire essay at SexIs: Sex Positive St. Louis: Finding Peace at The Facility. Information regarding our next fundraiser can be found on our calendar.