Coffee Talk: Monogamy 101

Join SEX+STL today at 3:00pm at Shameless Grounds (click here for directions!) for Monogamy 101. We’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of making a one-on-one relationship function. Communication, fantasy, jealousy, fidelity—we’ll challenge all of your assumptions about what monogamy means.

(photo by Johnny Murdoc. Yes, he’s aware that he’s using a photo of a poly guy to illustrate his Monogamy 101 talk. Isn’t it ironic? It’s like a free ride, when you’ve already paid.)


  1. I have a suggestion for a future topic, which was inspired by today’s discussion: romantic orientations. I noticed that it was assumed that everyone’s sexual orientations and romantic orientations were the same, but I’ve heard some people elsewhere say they can only love people of a certain gender but are only attracted to people of a different gender. I wonder how much our cultural assumptions about relationships are based on a model which conflates sexual orientation with romantic orientation.

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