Why We Need Sex Ed – Fabulous Graphic

There’s a lot of talk about shutting down various reproductive rights in our country. This is based on fear and control coming from the patriarchy plaguing our society. (Patriarchy is the fear of the feminine and mature masculine.) These religious-based opinions are downright dangerous.

Combating this ignorance are people like Jen and her team, who created this fantastic “Why We Need Sex Ed” infographic below. I asked her why they chose this topic, and she shared:

I’m actually a part of a creative organization, and we’re just testing the waters in infographic design to help bring some additional exposure to our work alongside some of our resource properties. The current state of sex education was something that we thought would be interesting to explore, and we thought it would translate better as a visual piece. The information was researched by myself and the writers I work with, while the graphic was designed by a friend of mine. You can view the sources used at the very bottom of the piece. Our main goal for this graphic, as with all of our graphics, is simply to bring light the issues of our day while providing great resources for the online community.

See for yourself!

Reproductive Health Education
Created by: PublicHealthDegree.com