Join Local Comic Shop Star Clipper for A Very Gay, Very Mutant Wedding

Our friends down at Star Clipper Comics want to share news that they’ll be throwing a celebration for the most talked about gay comic wedding (seriously, y’all, it was on The View): Wednesday, June 20th sees the wedding of X-Men Northstar to his human boyfriend Kyle. Star Clipper is going all out, sharing Northstar’s joy with all of us by way of free wedding cake, a live band and (my favorite part) a wedding book for guests (that’s you!) to sign, which they’ll then send off to One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association (labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center)!

The first gay marriage in a Marvel comic is happening in 2012 and you can be part of the monumental event! Wednesday, June 20, Marvel is releasing ASTONISHING X-MEN #51. This historic issue follows the proposal of X-Man Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle with the wedding itself!

Star Clipper is celebrating their loving commitment with a special Northstar & Kyle Wedding Reception starting at noon. Come sign or draw a picture in the wedding guest book. Star Clipper will be sending the guest book to One Million Moms (a group protesting retailers who sell this issue) showing our support for Northstar and Kyle’s decision. We’ll even be having a wedding cake (served at noon) and party favors for all the attendees!

As a bonus, nerd rock duo Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship will be the reception DJs from 6 to 8 pm. They’ll be playing plenty of love songs to slow dance to after you pick up your copy of ASTONISHING X-MEN #51!

Want to catch up on events leading up to the wedding? Star Clipper still has the coveted “proposal” issue (Astonishing X-Men #50) in stock!

Star Clipper is and always has been incredibly gay friendly, carrying not only the new X-Men book, but Archie Comic’s spin-off Kevin Keller, featuring Riverdale’s first gay character, as well as independent titles from the likes of Tim Fish, Jon Macy, and Howard Cruse!

Check out the store’s event page for more information!