Clever book designs featuring vulva…

“I’m always strangely delighted by clever book designs that involve the vulva,” says the gay male book designer. There’s something, er, ripe about the vulva that makes clever interpretations so damned engaging. The same simply cannot be said for graphic interpretations of the penis. Aside from Andy Warhol’s Velvet Underground album cover (see the bottom of this post), most phallic-ly suggestive designs come off as cheesy. Not so for the vulva:

This design by Gray318 for Tampa is the cover design that inspired this post:


It immediately brought to mind this design for Woman, designed by Michaela Sullivan, which my boyfriend wants you to know is an amazing book:


This issue of Granta, designed by Michael Salu:



(What? There’s a whole website for this cover.)

And the poster for Lars Von Trier’s upcoming film, Nymphomaniac, which is not exactly a book cover design, but it’s not your traditional movie poster design, either:



(That one also has a really awesome website attached to it.) Unfortunately, I don’t know who designed the poster, but it also excites the type-geek in me.

So, that’s four from me? Do you know any that I missed?

*And, because I can’t leave out dick:


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