Call for Models: The Masculinity Project

Attention St. Louis residents: Photographer Lane Goodman is seeking 12-20 subjects for his fascinating photo project that explores ideas of representation and masculinity. He’s also interested in non-traditional representations of masculinity, and representations of gender identity.

In other larger, more liberal cities, photographers have no problem finding interested models for projects like this simply by placing an ad on Craigslist. Lane tried that tried-and-true approach here in St. Louis and was surprised at the lack of response.

I’m not surprised – as a Craigslist veteran, I find St. Louis to be a suspicious, fearful community. This reticence brought Lane to SEX+STL for help. I asked him for more information about his project, and he was happy to share the following.

SEX+STL: How did you decide on your project topic?

Lane Goodman: I’ve been interested in the performance of masculinity for a while. As a feminist and questioning male, I’m often hypersensitive to homophobia and gendered social situations. Gaydar has always been an enigma to me, as has the general interactions men and boys are supposed to have with their “bros.” I want to examine how men, women, and teens feel about what “masculine” means, and photograph subjects performing the acts or personas they use to feel masculine.

SEX+STL: What does masculinity mean to you?

LG: To me, the socially accepted views of masculinity mean strength, impenetrability, invulnerability, and suaveness. My generation’s masculine role models range from James Bond to Eminem, men who are almost always fighting, preening, or using women as objects. And yet, the sense of masculinity I was raised with could be treated more as a humanistic sexuality. I received very few gendered messages on how to act socially and sexually.

SEX+STL: What do you find sexy about masculinity?

LG: I actually find expressions of non-traditional masculinity more attractive and alluring than traditional manliness; gender bending women, boyishness, trans men, and men and women in drag.

SEX+STL: Which artists/photographers inspire you?

LG: Anthony Goicolea’s work has been incredibly influential for me. A short list of who else inspires me: Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Renaldi, Peter Hujar, Laura McPhee, Catherine Opie, Gregory Crewdson, August Sander, and recently the duo Kahn+Selesnick.

SEX+STL: Will there be an exhibit?

LG: There will! More details will come on that as the project progresses.

SEX+STL: Do you have a studio where you’d like to shoot or can you travel to your models? Do you want to capture them in their environment?

LG: I prefer to shoot models in their own environment. Specifically, I want to see how location affects our views of masculinity and sexuality – does the subject feel more masculine in their bedroom, in front of the mirror, or in the garage? Does the subject associate their sexuality with a certain pose, or a part of their body or home? I can travel within the STL metro area and county.

SEX+STL: What are the guidelines for the project?

LG: Nude or clothed is fine. Diversity is welcome! Models need to be OK with showing their face but  may use an alias if they wish.

SEX+STL: Any compensation for the models?

LG: I will be providing compensation to the models in the form of CD’s, prints, and headshot portraits on request.

Interested? Grab your testosterone and contact Lane Goodman (at) gmail (dot) com


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