What an Exciting Week!


By Kendra Holliday

This week I came out. After writing semi-anonymously about sex for four years, I made the choice to finally put my name (KENDRA HOLLIDAY!) and face to my website. It was a decision I took seriously, especially since I am a single mom in the Midwest, but so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

My first video interview can be found here (NSFW, page shows breasts) and I’m conducting a Community Interview all week here. EdenFantasys will be sponsoring future SEX+STL events, stay tuned!

We’ll see how things continue to unfold when The Riverfront Times hits the newsstands today (you can read the article online here). I’ll be interviewed on a radio show today for the first time as well. (I keep telling myself, “No ‘bad’ words!”)¬† UPDATE: The radio show went really well, but time flew by! I thought we had another segment to go and that’s when I was going to pitch SEX+STL, but then they said we were finished. DOH!

I’ll be sure and spread the word about our awesome city and SEX+STL as much as I can, lesson learned! This weekend we’ll be holding a leadership meeting¬† for planning future events. Speaking of events, our first public happy hour will be on November 4, please check our calendar for more details. We hope to meet you soon!

Photo from The Riverfront Times, by Jennifer Silverberg


  1. It has been an exciting week for me as well, coming out as bi on the site, following all your press! That Riverfront Times article was MASSIVE (and occasionally played rough) but had an amazing picture of you up top. You continue to be an inspiration to both myself and Life on the Swingset! Keep it up Kendra!

  2. Kendra:
    I stumbled upon your info and was intrigued. Consider visiting USBiGirls.com where you can gain even more visibility and author a blog for our members. We are a women’s social website and think you’d fit right in to the mix.
    I’d like to hear more from you. I like your style.


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