EVENT: Coping With A Sex-Negative Environment

Should sex-positive people be kept under lockdown? Photo by Sevelin Sin

By Kendra Holliday

Do you work, attend school, or live in a sex-negative environment? At this small coffee talk gathering at Meshuggah Cafe, 6269 Delmar Blvd , we will discuss ways to deal with complicated issues. Please join us.

Sunday, November 14th, 3pm

I’ve been fired from jobs, banned from activities, shunned and persecuted for my beliefs. Clearly my ethics don’t match up with the morals of society. I’d love to meet with other people and discuss how we can introduce open and honest sexuality in our society with minimal backlash. A lot of people are afraid of things that are different, they are afraid of the truth, and they resist change.

Is it better to keep secrets about yourself? How can we replace negative with positive? How do we teach respect and tolerance? What’s the best way to deal with someone who is angry and won’t even listen? How do you respond to someone who scolds and shames you? If you are punished for your sexuality, do you have any recourse? Are there organizations that offer support to those of us who are discriminated for our lifestyle choices?

Can people in touch with their sexuality do a good job? Can they be around children? Or should they be kept locked away and considered “unemployable”?


  1. Kendra, thank you for this! I am a polyamorous mom in a quad relationship. I am often made to feel guilty because I AM a mom and chose to live this lifestyle after having kids. As if giving birth means I have to shut down all sides of myself except the 50s sitcom mom that never truly existed except on 50s sitcoms. Our house is filled with love and open communication. I’d argue our kids are healthier for that. But I also know the scrutiny I face the more I come out of the closet with my lifestyle. I look forward to hearing your stories from recent experiences and getting any and all advice and support.

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