“Like a Rose in Bloom”

Anonymous feedback from one of the attendees of our first SEX+STL fundraiser (we raised $300!):

"Perfect Moment" Rose

I had a fantastic time at the SEX+STL fundraiser party.  I met and talked with many interesting people, and found a community where I feel I fully belong.

Watching TBK’s scene was entrancing; I felt like I was watching a dream of wonder, beauty, and desire.  Time stopped while I watched the dream, and her pleasure, unfold like a rose in bloom.

I felt a similar enchantment as I saw others’ scenes and play, and dreamed of the day when my partners will be able to join me and I can step into that magic as a more direct participant myself.

I also learned a great deal from the experienced elders, who were kind, informative, supportive, practical, and helpful throughout the evening.  I felt welcomed and safe; that the space was right to explore new experiences.

Last night I walked into a room of wonderful people, and saw my dreams of finding such a space come to life.  This morning I woke up and realized – it’s real.  We make it real by bringing ourselves.  Thank you to all of you, for co-creating this dream.

Here’s to many more great SEX+STL events – we’re off to a great start!