The Tantric Goddess Experience

Ed Note: This is a guest post by Lucia.

The Seven Chakras

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Tantra session with a Goddess in Kansas City.

Yes, a Goddess.

I’ve been studying Tantra – reading, searching the web, discussing and was finally ready to visit a Goddess in her temple.

My interest began with an introduction to The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know by Mantak Chia. The idea of learning ejaculation control and experiencing multiple orgasms interested me. Experience has taught me that after a man ejaculates, he is spent; all his energy is gone.

What if you could control ejaculation? Instead of expeling the sexualy energy, you could harness it and send it flowing through your body. Also, lovemaking without ejaculation lasts longer and you can focus on the pleasure in the moment rather than penetrating and shooting your load.

The Western male typically pounds away, ejaculates, and is finished. Attention is not given to the pleasure you receive or the pleasure your partner receives. The point of no return arrives and the man has a few seconds of intense pleasure, and then he is down and out. Unfortunately, the west has reduced Tantra to gimmicky intercourse positions, and the focus on the moment and pleasure is lost. Tantra is so much more than positions and fucking.

What is Tantra?

The word Tantra means “to manifest, to expand, to show, and to weave.” Couples and individuals can benefit from Tantra.  It teaches us how to use sexual energy gained from being pleasured and accepting pleasure.

When harnessing this energy, you can use it to experience sexual pleasure that goes beyond the mere physical act of intercourse. Tantra moves away from a performance focus into learning to connect with your partner on a deeper and more pleasurable level. You learn to focus on the moment, look into your partners eyes, touch, hold and be in the moment, giving and accepting the pleasure you deserve.

“Sexual energy is one of our most powerful energies for creating health,” says Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”. “By using sexual energy consciously…we can tap into a true source of youth and vitality.”

Here is how my session with Goddess River went.

I arrived for the appointment and was met at the door with a hug. Goddess River invited me in. We sat on a sofa and talked. I explained what I understood about Tantra and what I expected to gain. She talked about her service and what I could expect.

Goddess River is tall and possesses a friendly and caring personality. River was dressed in a patterned wrap tied at the neck and shoulders, similar to an Indian Sari or beach wrap.

From the living room, we moved into the Tantra space, the temple. The space was comfortable and dimly lit with candles. I disrobed and laid down on the mattress. Goddess was topless. As I was new, we worked on breathing; deep belly breathes; inhale and fill the belly. Still practicing breathing, the chakras were indentified one by one (there are seven) and I practiced inhaling to the chakra. Goddess River was beside me. She used her hand to touch the area of the chakra and coached me to inhale to the area.

The session was both terrific and disappointing.

The session was terrific because I met Goddess River. I realized that the prework I was doing at home was appropriate. The exercises in Mantak Chia’s book are helpful. The energy I felt and moved through my body is real. While I cannot control the energy all the time (I need to breathe and let it go), I continue to practice.

The session was disappointing because I did not feel connected to Goddess River. The time we spent in the beginning did not establish any intimacy. It’s important to establish closeness. In retrospect, we should have been touching.

Our session was two hours and it flew by. My next experience with Tantric Goddess EveLynn in Florida was very different. It was completely mind blowing!

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