Interview With A Nudist

JeepNaked modeling

Meet JeepNaked, one of St. Louis’s best known nudists. You can meet him (and me!) in real life at Sex Positive St. Louis’ first ever Clothing Optional Tweetup April 5!

Kendra Holliday: Would you consider yourself a nudist spokesperson for St Louis?

JEEP: Nudist spokeperson?  Yes, in that I have a varied experience and overall am fair to all sides.  I used to be a card carrying AANR member and have nudist parties at my home, but have what I viewed as ‘progressed’ into other groups that nude recreation is only one component of their expression.  Nude modeling, Burning Man, sex positive groups are all examples that contain people that are open to nude recreation and casual nudity.  That openness has led me to being very comfortable around those people whom I consider my friends.

KH: Where did you carry the AANR card? Just kidding. What is nudism?

JEEP: In my view, it is the love of being nude while doing common days things.  It varies how much someone shares their love of being nude but generally people share it more when surrounded with like-minded people.  There are many out there that simply don’t know how to express themselves and therefore feel out of place and abnormal.

KH: What is the right terminology for a place to be nude? Nudist colony? Resort? Camp?

Hats off to JeepNaked!

JEEP: No venue wants to be called a “colony”.  Club or resort is fair and actually depends on their setup.  A club is composed of members with fees, etc.  A resort is something you visit whenever you like.  There are many nude or clothing optional friendly venues now and they should be simply called what they are.  A nudist beach, a club, a resort.  Those venues exist with or without the clothing optional or nude component.

KH: What is a naturalist?

JEEP: Naturalist is someone into nature — nothing to due with nude recreation at all actually. 🙂  Naturalist = into nature. Naturist = into being nude.  They’re similar words but different meanings totally.

KH: Oops. Speaking of terminology, is there a difference between being naked and nude?

JEEP: Most view “naked” as meaning to be stripped away in some manner and nude simply being the state of naturally devoid of clothes. It’s simply a definition.  But to “party naked” is not viewed in a bad way, so its simply how its used.

Incidentally that is what my nickname is a play on “play naked, jeep naked” with “jeep” being used as a verb, “to jeep” meaning to go four-wheeling in my Jeep. 🙂   And yes, I do four-wheel in my jeep naked, but only on private property, not going down the street.

KH: Is nudism about sex?

JEEP: It is not about sex.  Just like the difference between winter time requiring wearing lots of clothes versus being at the beach with minimal clothes, the state of dress or undress has nothing to do with sexuality.  Folks with full clothing on can procreate and there are many times a person is nude they are not in a sexual mode such as doctor visits, group showers in the navy or a room full of artists as a nude model.   If I am nude and sunny and listening to the radio, that does not mean I want to get laid.  I want to get laid regardless of my state of dress.

Meet JeepNaked in all his glory at the SEX+STL Clothing Optional Tweetup April 5!

KH: What are some things you like to do nude?

JEEP: Swim, hike, sunbathe, work in the yard & garden, socialize, work on my JEEP, going four-wheeling in my JEEP, nearly anything.. I recommend against welding in the nude.  Frying bacon is no problem though! 🙂  I like going to parties where the theme allows for clothing optional wardrobe.  I like to model nude as well… this leads to a more meditative time, some of the best ‘me time’.

I do nearly everything nude. I am nude at home nearly all the time, even with non-nudist visitors.  I’m lucky that those in my life understand and are supportive.

KH: Why is there such a hangup in our society about being naked?

JEEP: Its a habitual thing I think.  We are of course quite comfortable being nude at times.  Sex, a shower, changing with the guys/girls, etc.   Body image and frequency of friends not joining in keep folks from doing it more.  I know I would be nude much more at venues and events if I had others join me.  It’s much more powerful having a nude male and nude female at an event to encourage others and make them feel comfortable enough to join in.  I’ve enabled people in this way in the past and it’s a wonderful and fun thing to encourage!

KH: What are some rules one can expect at a nudist place?

JEEP: The most basic rule is carry a towel to sit on.  Otherwise, be respectful of others bodies and don’t make others feel uncomfortable.  These rules are pretty basic.. I find that once many people are nude together in social settings, others tend to be nicer and more courteous.  If you want to check out others’ bodies just make sure you have sunglasses on and don’t make others awkward–no different than checking someone out with their clothes on.

KH: Do you have a family? What’s their take on it?

JEEP: I have a wife and two kids.  We’ve been open to clothing optional living since before my wife and I married and simply never stopped.  They join in at our house and on vacations where we can.

KH: What are some common misconceptions about nudism?

JEEP: Men will get erections. They never do, unless that is what they *want* to happen and/or help along to happen.  Normally though, the anxiety an erection  happening stops it from happening.  It’s THE biggest non-issue by far.

Otherwise, many women are worried about their bodies… they must realize that for EVERY body type out there, there is someone lusting after you.  Confidence and a smile are the most attractive human elements.  I find others are enamored with the ‘boldness and confidence’ those that are comfortable enough to be nude.  They wonder and marvel and want to be able to do it.

KH: What are some local places people can explore nudism?

JEEP: There is a nudist club southwest of St. Louis that has been in existence since 1950 (Forty Acres)  There is another one closer to Springfield, MO (Show-Me Acres).  I run a Yahoo group that is comprised of local nudists some of whom have land/etc that share their special locations with friends or have parties, etc.  I myself live on nudiful 14 acres and built my house in the middle so I could enjoy my life undisturbed. I sometimes have clothing optional parties but those are for close personal friends.

KH: What are some good online resources?

JEEP: My yahoo group, the two nudist clubs I listed above, American Association for Nude Recreation, and ClothesFree. You can meet me at the Clothing Optional Tweetup SEX+STL is hosting April 5! Check this blog next week for more information.