Temptations Adult Toy Party April 25!

Temptations Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo

Temptations parties are often referred to with a giggle or a wink – “one of THOSE kind of parties.”

An adult toy party is a little bit like any other home sales party – from cookware to candles, almost everyone has been invited to come to their friend’s house at some point, and to bring a credit card with them.

Sex Positive St. Louis is proud to host a Temptations party at Shameless Grounds this Monday, April 25, at 7pm. Here’s a preview!

“We are Kevin and Donte’ of Temptations Parties and we present the sex toy party as a chance to educate as much as possible about sex toys. Most adult toys are packaged and sold as novelty items with no information on use or care. Pleasure aside – many can cause their own complications, infections, or in a worst case scenario, a night at the ER explaining yourself.

Further, in most toy companies there’s a gender bias, and only Donte’ would be allowed to present or attend the parties. In fact, thats how we got started. When I was unable to attend my lover’s party because I was a man, I was disappointed to be kicked out of my own house and not get to see the toys we would end up using together.

The minute I was allowed to come home, I got online and started researching a company that was more male-friendly, which felt more inclusive and sex-positive to me.

Temptations Velvet toy for men

As soon as we learned about Temptations, we found our niche. It’s become something fun we do, our time away from the house together. Every night we host a party, it’s like a date, with us dressing up a bit, getting out, grabbing a bite to eat, and going to to the party – which is always a blast, as we’re laughing and joking with our clients while we educate.

We show a variety of products, talk about use and care, and how to choose them for yourself. We discuss lubes and different kinds of orgasms, and we play a few silly but fun icebreaker games.

Please join us for an opportunity to present THAT kind of party with Sex Positive St Louis in the Shameless Grounds library!

No need to RSVP – we can work a crowded room. We’re not in this just to sell you things that buzz and wiggle ( though we have many great things that do!); we’re also looking forward to giving you some good information to carry forward so that if you spend money on these items, you can use them correctly, safely, and not ruin your investment through lack of information.

And please! Remember, with us, EVERYONE 18 and up is welcome – girl, guy, gay , straight, — the people who haven’t been included in a party before usually have the best questions!”