Evolved bendable You Too

Evolved You Too

There I was, innocently interviewing my friend Holli from Spanky’s on my The Beautiful Kind show, when, at the end of the segment, she asked if I wanted the crazy pink sex toy she had showcased earlier.

You know, the one that looked like Pink Panther’s dick doing yoga.

Yes, she hooked me up with this amazingly versatile toy. I apologize for it being so darn colorful on our Black and White party day, but that’s not my fault, and I wanted to give you a peek at a Spanky’s toy so you could get an idea of what might be at the silent auction tonight. In more subdued colors, of course.

The bright pink color fooled me – I associated it with Barbie and thought it would be superficial. Yes, I judged it based on its color. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m a toycist.

Also, the name is awkward – EVOLVED bendable You Too. Evolved’s motto is “Love is Back” but the way they spell their name it makes me read into it – Love is Backwards?

This toy is for you, your partner, or both at the same time. (female masturbator, prostate massager, couples toy). I prefer both at the same time.

It’s waterproof, made of 100% body safe material, and has seven amazing functions with a dual motor.

The show ended at 11pm, so we didn’t get to try it out until midnight. What a nice way to end a long day!

My partner and I marveled at its flexibility. It seemed quite sturdy.

We lit candles and got all romantic in bed. After making out for a while, I turned it on steady high, lubed it up, and slipped it inside. My partner entered me from behind, spoon style, caressing me all over. I was really impressed with the strength.

We took our time. I thought he would cum quickly from the extra stimulation, but it actually made him last longer since he wasn’t used to it. I loved the new sensation, and was pleased with how well it stayed in place and hugged me inside and out. It’s so nice how it can be easily shaped to fit any erogenous anatomy.

Our enhanced lovemaking resulted in amazing climaxes for both of us. We slept so well! I washed it with soap and water in the morning. I highly recommend you visit Sex Positive St. Louis sponsor Spanky’s on N. Lindbergh and let Holli hook you up with one of these! It was awesome.

So flexible!

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