Literary Nudes July 17

Sugar Cyanide at the Literary Nudes Harry Potter Edition

Literary Nudes is having a special extra nude edition on Sunday, July 17, 7pm, at Shameless Grounds. Proceeds go to Sex Positive St. Louis, so come on out and join the intellectually enlightened nude community! Burlesque performer Sugar Cyanide gives us the lowdown.

Kendra Holliday: What is Literary Nudes?

Sugar Cyanide: Literary Nudes is a life drawing event with a different literary theme each month. An author or theme is chosen and then the models do a live dramatic reading as a character from the work, and pose to be drawn or photographed as said character.

KH: How long have you been doing this?

SC: Literary Nudes will be having its one year anniversary this August.

KH: Who will be performing at the July 17 event?

SC: Myself, Allura Fette and Bruce Williams.

KH: Who should attend this event?

SC: Anyone who is sex-positive, community-oriented and appreciates the beauty of the nude form. You can draw or just enjoy the performance.

KH: Can the audience get naked, too?

SC: Yes, for this special occasion the whole event is going clothing optional!

Teaching Harry Potter a lesson, Literary Nude style

KH: What will make this upcoming Literary Nudes special?

SC: We are collaborating with SEX+STL and donating the proceeds of the event to them for their efforts.

KH: Have you modeled before?

SC: Yes I got my start modeling several years ago and now perform burlesque and model all over St. Louis.

KH: What do you love about being on stage?

SC: When on stage the world simplifies. Everything comes into a hyper focus. Just you and your audience. They are mesmerized by every detail and every movement. It is a special intimate interaction between you and the audience.

KH: What’s your take on nudity?

SC: If God wanted you naked, you would have been born that way.. Wait…

KH: Who are your favorite writers?

SC: I have been inspired by so many!  Robert Heinlein, Anne Rice, Laurell K Hamilton, Shakespeare, Poe, Lewis Carroll, Silvia Plath, just to name a few. I read constantly and am discovering new authors and writers all the time.

KH: What/who inspires you?

SC: Dirty Martini and Mary Cyn  for Burlesque, Laurell K Hamilton for writer.  My friends, family and my loving man, Rocky. I am fortunate that I find inspiration everywhere in strong sexy women, music and the written word.

Come see for yourself July 17! I hope I inspire YOU!

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