Ladies Henna Night Feb 3!

Henna fresh on the skin

I have no tattoos.

I’m too fluid for anything permanent.

I have pale skin.

I am a blank canvas.

I love art.

My body is a work of art in itself.

I love experimenting with temporary body decoration, so I was eager to submit to Jeanjoel Spatafora‘s paintbrush, steady hand, and artistic vision.

I booked a private session with him, which lasted about 40 minutes. He painted a design along one side of my body, from my knee to my neck, circling around my hip and breast seductively.

Below right is how it looked two weeks after the session, when it finally gracefully faded away.

I can’t show you too much here, but I have lots of other gorgeous nude images that show off the complete design. If you ever see me out and about with my laptop, ask to see them!

Glowing with henna

And hey, you should get your own. I highly recommend Jeanjoel and his artwork.

Shameless Grounds will be hosting a Ladies Henna Night Friday, February 3, at 7pm.

He will be doing henna “tattoos” for $10/person. First come, first decorated basis.

The library will be utilized for women that prefer to have their design placed somewhere discreet. Henna requires a bit of drying time so be sure to take that into consideration when making your plans for the night. Prior to attending, be sure to exfoliate the area that you are going to have “tattooed”.

I asked Jeanjoel how he got interested in this kind of art, and he told me:

I got into henna because I wanted it for myself and there wasn’t anything like that around me.

I love body adornment but tattoos are too permanent and eventually one runs out of space. The good thing about henna is that it’s safe, all natural and hypoallergenic, and after it goes away you can get another beautiful design.

Henna is basically a paste made with dried up leaves mixed with lemon juice. It basically a dye. It can be used on fabric, hair and skin.

I see people’s skins as my canvas for my art. I don’t do traditional henna designs. I’d rather get inspired on the spot by the individual. Many have come to me to get some henna as a healing tool. Henna is cooling on the skin.

Here is more of Jeanjoel’s work:

Henna hand

Henna back

Henna side

Henna hip

You can see even more at this page. And you can get a design of your own that can last until Valentine’s Day if you care for it properly. Before you shower, apply a thin layer of vegetable/olive oil to protect it from soap, and don’t scrub the area.

I nude modeled for an art class when I had my design, and the artists LOVED it. So did my partner; he couldn’t stop kissing it…