2-4-6-8, We Love to Masturbate!

Me about to masturbate, photo by Connie LaFlam

Join us Sunday, February 12 at 3pm for a masturbation talk, led by me, Kendra! All genders, orientations, and backgrounds are welcome to attend this free event at the LGBT Center at 4337 Manchester Rd.

This talk is sponsored by Spanky’s, who is donating two masturbation toys. Everyone who attends can enter to win the pleasure toy that best suits their genitals.

Why have a masturbation talk?

I got the idea when more than one person confided in me, “I feel great shame to admit I masturbate.”

Let’s create a shame-free zone for discussing this natural, universal process. Also, orgasms are awesome.

Topics we’ll cover:

– the health benefits of masturbation

– when we first discovered masturbation

– the fantasies we entertain while masturbating

– personal masturbation habits and techniques

– masturbation tips and best practices

– good masturbation toys

This talk should be an inspiration for some great self-love this Valentine’s Day!


  1. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. Im still surprised at all the women that I talk with who still have problems with masturbating. Either they are not sure how to do it correctly or have so much guilt after. One thing that I hear most often is that “God, will be mad at me for doing this (masturbating) myself.” I will always ask, “Do you believe God is perfect?” The response is always “Well YES.” Then my response to that is – “Then if God is perfect, and I believe that He/She is, then you would God screw up and give you these body parts that feel so good when touched and then expect you not to touch them. Is your God that cruel?”
    Keep up the great work.

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