Female Ejaculation Demo Recap!

Feminine Fountain

As we walked up to the house where the female ejaculation demo was taking place, my partner muttered, “I feel like we’re attending a swinger’s party.”

I laughed, “Why do you say that?”

“We’re going to a random house in the suburbs, we’re carrying a bag full of sex toys, we’re about to witness a live sex act…”

“It’s more like sex education,” I clarified.

“You mean sexy education. Of which, I am down.”

The limit of people who could attend was 20, and we had a full house. Mostly couples, they filed in slightly nervous. They realized this event was more sophisticated and unusual than a wine tasting.

But there was wine, fruit, and cheese. Nice music played on the stereo, and candles were lit in strategic places. The house was clean, classy, and zen-like. The centerpiece was the solid wood dining room table set up with Liberator cushions and towels.

I gave a little talk in the living room as the couple warmed up in the dining room in private on said posh throne. Female orgasm takes time and patience.

To the group, I asked, “How many of you can ejaculate?”

Not very many people raised their hand.

“Oh come on, guys, all you men have ejaculated before, right?”

“OH, we thought you just meant female ejaculate,” they responded, and this time more than half the audience raised their hands.

“OK, so what does it feel like to ejaculate?” I asked.

As the crowd murmured affirmations, I summarized, “Ejaculating feels amazing, it feels like release, relief, it’s liberating, it’s empowering. I believe all women have the ability to ejaculate, but women are so repressed in our society that they deny themselves this incredible sensation. They feel deep-seated shame around this act – they’re afraid to let go.

When a guy ejaculates, he doesn’t worry that it’s uncouth or like peeing, even though it’s coming from the same hole, the urethra. There’s a sense of pride in ejaculate, so much so that it’s become the grand finale for most porn – the money shot. Ejaculating is cathartic. Hm, maybe that’s why men don’t cry as much – because they get that emotional, visceral release on a regular basis, just in a different way.”

I shared details on how to teach yourself how to ejaculate. This article by Freddy and Eddy sums it up nicely. I also recommended the book that taught me how to ejaculate, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot: Not Your Mother’s Orgasm Book!, as well as good tools to have on hand, such as the Njoy Pure Wand and the Liberator Throe, a moisture-proof sex blanket.

Finally, it was time. The couple was ready for us to go into the dining room and witness the woman ejaculate.

They greeted us a bit bashfully. She was resplendent on the dining room throne, propped up with cushions and swaddled in towels. She wore a robe, but her lower half was exposed. Her shirtless partner sat in a chair next to her, cradling her head. The soft music and candles made the place feel warm and inviting. Actually, it got pretty hot in there, with all the intrigued bodies in close proximity.

They tried tuning the wine-sipping crowd out and focused on each other, and the pleasure at hand. Tenderly and intensely, they kissed as he slipped his hand between her parted legs and artfully played her genitals like an instrument. After a few breathtaking minutes, the sexual tension built up inside her and squirted out in a sudden arc. I wanted to cheer, but managed to keep my reaction to a delighted gasp. She did it a couple more times, and the amazingly intimate and erotic demonstration was over.

The amazingly brave and generous woman sat up, and she and her partner took questions from the audience, then matter-of-factly cleaned up the dining room table and love-splashed hardwood floor. The party melted into a typical cocktail party, where everyone stood around talking about and toasting sex-positivity.

It was such a successful event, we will definitely have more like it. We might even repeat this topic, due to the level of interest surrounding the event and immediately following. It’s certainly a unique, worthwhile thing to experience – sex is one of the things that makes us human.


  1. That’s terrific! It’s like, there are all these basic things that high schools should teach kids about sex, like consent and respecting boundaries and knowing it’s okay to enjoy and celebrate their sexuality. And then this ejaculation class would be the college-level coursework, the hands-on approach. 🙂

  2. Exactly! Someone who attended our first pussy party remarked that every 16 yr old girl should get to attend a party like it. Will share a recap of that event later this week!

  3. Oh man, I wish I could have attended this party. I LOVE my orgasms, and I describe them as feeling like going downward on a Roller Coaster. All of those fabulous reflexes are uncontrollable. LOVE IT!

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