SEX+STL: They Get It!

getinvolvedmeetupFeedback from someone who attended our Sex-Positive Etiquette for Men class at Shameless Grounds, Nov 1, 2015:

I had the opportunity to sit in on a Sex+Stl event regarding ethical conduct for men. It was the first event sponsored by this organization that I have attended and was conducted at Shameless Grounds in near south St. Louis city near the brewery.

The first and most impressive thing noticeable was the diversity of people attending. People from all walks of life, men, women, married, single, divorced, with partners and not, seniors, twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty somethings, most every lifestyle you could imagine, and all colors. Second was the professionalism, knowledge, and desire to share and educate others about sex, relationships, dating, social interactions and just living life with joy in your heart and bringing joy to others with no judgment, no discrimination, and acceptance of anyone who is truly committed to being respectful, considerate, and honest with each other.

There was such a free flow of information and interaction that time flew by. Here, individual responsibility for one’s actions is paramount. No excuses for questionable personal conduct. Treat others like you would like to be treated. Actually, extremely HIGH ethical standards are DEMANDED. Quite a difference from our society in general.

One participant thought that these ethical guidelines and standards should be taught to all young men especially high school and college age. Have to agree.

You know, curbing violence and eliminating “creepy” self-serving behavior, starts with shifting attitudes toward one another and valuing the beauty of each one of us on this planet we share together. Here is one organization that is setting the example.