Facing Your Fears

A guest post by one of our members:

BUSTED. Photo by Mike Estes

Fear keeps us in chains. Break FREE

We all have at one time found ourselves living a fearful life. What do you fear?

Fear strangles you. It matters not what that fear is, you can’t relax, it holds you back and robs you of peace of mind. Are you anxious about something? That may tell you about a fear you have that you don’t even realize.

Most all anxiety is FEAR based, somewhere. Learn to identify those things in yourself. Then consciously evaluate them to see if you are being fearful of SOMETHING THAT HAS YET TO HAPPEN.

It seems as though we lack real threats in our daily lives, such as being attacked by a predator, so we fabricate fears in order to instigate our fight, flight, or freeze mechanisms. And then we don’t allow our emotions to fully cycle through, which traps us in an unhealthy state of mind. How do we allow some non-tangible, non-manifested thing to influence our lives so much? Why are we afraid of change?

Only you can answer that, but you have to confront the fear yourself, in your own way. Right your own ship, accept the challenge, face your world, be King or Queen of your realm, take the bull by the horns, challenge yourself, make the decision, banish fear. You will find that when you take action to face down your fears, you will see that they aren’t as formidable as you thought and you will prevail.


 With my sex-positive teaching, I helped inspire these thoughts, and he inspired me to carry it forward into my day.

My teen daughter and I took advantage of the beautiful, breezy weather, and took a walk around the neighborhood.I asked her, “What are you NOT afraid of?”

She said, “Gosh, that’s tricky, because as soon as you say that, I start thinking about all the things I AM afraid of.”

“I know, but that’s the point! Our brains can head toward negative thoughts quicker than positive – it’s a survival tactic. But it’s good to try and redirect that thinking, so let’s give it a shot.”

Among a host of mental health issues, my daughter suffers from severe anxiety. It can be crippling at times. I’m glad to say she’s had a very good week – such a relief!

For the next twenty minutes, we took turns sharing what we weren’t afraid of. Besides silly things like ice cream, squirrels, and learning, my daughter reported that she was not afraid of death, boredom, and falling out of love.

Going places!

Going places!

“OOh those are good ones!” I commended.

She explained that you never know what might happen after death – it could be great. I raised her never to be bored. She always has things on her mind, even if they aren’t pleasant. And she’s successfully survived her first romance at the age of 15, and is eager for more.

As for me, I’m not afraid of change, sex, and adventure. Change is constant, so you might as well embrace it. Sex is fun adult playtime – you can explore it without guilt or shame. And adventure keeps life interesting – I’m excited to shape up my travel plans for this upcoming year.

How about you? What are you not afraid of?