A Message from the Leaders of Sex Positive St Louis

Sex Positive St. Louis is a non-partisan organization. While we reserve the right to fight for the political causes we believe in, in our six year history we have not seen fit to endorse any particular political candidate or party.

That said, in light of our most recent election, we feel the need to publicly reaffirm our commitment to the freedom and equality of all people, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or profession.

We believe that freedom of expression extends to sexual expression, expression of gender, and the provision of medically accurate, age appropriate sexual information.

To anyone in our community who feels less safe in this country now than you did before:

We got you! You can sit with us!

We will go with you! We see you! We value you!

Your life matters!

The Leaders of SEX+STL – David, Kendra, Emily, Nick, Nikia

SEX+STL Co-Leaders. Photo by Insomniac Studios

SEX+STL Co-Leaders. Photo by Insomniac Studios