The Bi-deology Project

The Bi-deology Project came across my radar immediately after Christmas when I was decompressing from  a stressful family holiday by catching up on sex blog reading.  I found Twanna Hines’ column on non-black men dating black women and wove my way from link to link to the Bi-deology Project, a joint video project that she is working on with Josephine Decker and directed by Arielle Loren.  The Bi-deology Prroject interviews straight women on their perceptions of bisexual men, and then challenges some of the misperceptions out there. 

 Making me laugh out loud was the girl with her boyfriend who maintained that she would never date a bi guy because ‘that’s not of God.’ The entire time, her sweetie (who’s holding her from behind) is smiling slyly and looking away.  I think sombody may have a secret.  And secrets like that are often so much more dangerous. 

While the short films do reveal a lot of attitudes that even people in a place like NYC have, I’d love to see the filmakers ask more questions of fewer people, rather than take the ‘straight woman on the street’ approach.

One BIG beef that I have with the first two episodes of the Bi-deology Project, is that it is the filmakers themselves (maybe straight, definitely women challenging myths about bisexual men.  Last I checked, there were actual adult bisexual men ( Northwestern University studies  notwithstanding), replete with mouths and brains and vocal cords.  Why can’t they be allowed to speak for themselves?  Sure, this seems to be a film made for the distrustful straight woman, but wouldn’t it then be instructive to have a M/F couple talk about their relationship and how honesty and openness about sexuality has played a positive role in it?

There are two episodes so far, and there are comments on the website suggesting there will be more, though episode #2 cam out last summer
Ms. Loren : Kudos for taking up such an important topic. More please!!! And next time, lets hear from the guys and the partners who love them.