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As promised in my review of, I’m returning to their selection of sexy audio story providers.

At  Nobilis Erotica, you find a collection of  podcasts with stories that lean heavily in the direction of sci-fi and fantasy.  But that is where the commonalities stop.  The stories present all kinds of scenarios and run the gamut all the way from ‘mostly story with a little sexy’ to ‘hot sex with a token story frame’ (my personal preference).  This level of diversity makes this podcast an especially useful tool for exploring new interests or for shared listening with a partner as a way to communicate about sex, as Johnny Murdoc suggests here.

Particularly enjoyable is an excellent little Valentine’s Day tale by Leigh Ellwood about a foursome and a rather unusual box of chocolates.  What I appreciate about this story is that, while the focus is sex, you can tell that these four have long-standing sexual and emotional connections.  Also – quite unusual for foursome stories – there is just as much action between the guys in these mixed-sex couples as between the women or as there is spouse-swapping. Yum.

In Mildred Cady’s Dancer on the Desert Winds, the atmosphere was set with amazing care – a robot\djinn\succubus-like narrator describes an encounter that she has with a dancer in a nomadic setting.  The music, leathery tent, and (above all) beautiful dancing man had me sitting on the edge of my seat, ready for an amazing sex scene.  But when the female character pushes the dancer to the ground and begins to ride him, there’s language like ‘split womanhood’ and ‘male flesh.’  I recognize the challenge of terminology in an other-worldly setting, but these choices bring Harlequin Romance to mind (and not even the Blaze series).  Oh, and the author’s reading voice is Heaven.

Anyone can contribute a story of their own of someone else’s (with permission, of course) to the Erotica Nobilis podcast and help this sexy little treasure-chest of stories grow.

Lush Stories reminds me of a modernized version of the old favorite Literotica.  The site is set up as a social networking site, with a hot pink and Facebook-like interface.  You have to sign up to listen to audio stories, but it’s a process that takes all of 30 seconds.  There’s a plethora of text-based stories to read, with many different kinds of tastes and interests represented.  Helping you to choose are the ratings that listeners and readers have given.  The stories that I read and listened to are, for the most part, well-edited but with the occasional glaring error typical of amateur story collections.  Normally this isn’t a big deal, but possessive pronoun (yours, mine, etc.) mistakes can get rather confusing in an audio story about an orgy 😉

What I really love about the audio story set-up at Lush Stories, is that the stories aren’t separated for genre.  You get an introduction to the story before you see the tags, so the story seduces, before you find out that it’s ‘technically’ not what you’re into.  I wound up loving a couple of incest stories – something that I never thought possible.

Of course anyone can contribute to this collections of stories as well.  If you’re afraid of getting lost in this sex-story wonderland, start close to home with this text-based Adventure in St. Louis.

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