Internet Hasn’t Killed the Radio Star:

by Anna

After reading Johnny Murdoc’s post, I found myself wishing that there was somewhere that I could find lots of great sexuality podcasts in one place.  Well, when I started surfing around, my wish was granted.  Sexaudia is a sexuality-focused web radio station. This means that anytime you can ‘tune in’ and hear shows (usually archived podcasts) created by therapists, experts of all stripes and artists that all deal with sexuality.  In addition, you can ‘request’ a given podcast episode and it will be placed  in the listening queue.
My favorite part of sexaudia was all of the shows gathered in one place.  Included in the collection are Sex is Fun, Dr.Susan Block’s podcast, and Alexander the Poet’s hilariously raunchy and often thoughtful poetry.  One feature that I really love is the ‘Discrete Confessions’ feature, where listeners can record their own real-life experiences and have that added to the site.

The ‘radio’ part of sex radio appealed to me less.  It was great in that it introduced me to Dr. Dick – a sex-advice show that I would have likely not chosen on my own.  He’s a therapist who is very sex and kink positive.  He interviewed Atlanta-based professional dominatrix Mistress Hotschkiss.  But it is frustrating that shows listed in the queue do not always match those playing, and I don’t like having to wait a couple hours through other people’s requests in order to hear my own.  I’m impatient, and I went straight to the podcasts pretty quickly.

A great strength of Sexaudia is the diversity offered. Everything from interviews, to sex and relationship advice (including swinging, kink and more) to some great audio erotica (guided masturbation, anyone?). LOTS of stuff I’ve never seen before and look forward to delving into in greater detail.  Expect podcast reviews in the near future and in the meantime, check out for yourself, and enjoy one-stop shopping for all your sexy podcast needs. button


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