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by Johnny Murdoc

So. Today nearly conspired to keep me from blogging again, much like last Tuesday conspired to keep me from blogging last week. But I have persevered and you, dear readers, get to reap the rewards! Or, not, since this feels a little rushed. Hopefully, in the near future, I can get back to writing slightly more in-depth (or at least well thought out) blog posts.

Today, I thought I would take the time to tell you about my three favorite sex podcasts. All three of these are required listening for me, and each should provide you guys with a wealth of information.

The first (and, perhaps, most obvious) podcast is the Savage Lovecast, Dan Savage’s weekly audio supplement to his uber-popular sex advice column. Each week, Savage responds to callers questions about sex with his usual mixture of frankness, humor, undeniable experience, and intelligence. He can be wickedly funny, completely charming, and occasionally abrasive to a fault. Still, there are few people that do what Savage does as well as he does. Each week he begins the podcast with a topical monologue, generally political or sexual in nature, and then he moves on to the calls. Hearing caller’s messages in their own voices goes a long way to humanizing their problems, and Savage’s responses are almost always thought-provoking.

Sex is Fun!

The second podcast, Sex is Fun!, is hosted by a small group from Minneapolis and each episode regularly focuses on a single topic (although conversation tends to wander for them.) The podcast is always informational, although it’s equally entertaining as the hosts play off of one another; it’s easy to see that they’re close friends and that their conversations carry over into their real lives as well. The primary host of the show is Kidder Kaper, who recently released the Sex is Fun!: Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex graphic novel, a fun resource for sex education and tips. The other hosts include Laura Rad, a professional sex educator; Gay Rick, and HIV educator and counselor; Coochie, the show’s audio engineer and resident kinkster; and occasionally Lorax, who runs the behind the scenes on the podcast and website. The Sex is Fun! crew also keep up a robust educational website with regular articles and educational tips. A recent two-part episode really stand out to me, and I think they’re great places to start. Titled Sex, Politics, and Advocacy, and Write Congress about Pro-Sex Issues, guest Amy Brugh, a professional sex advocate, discusses the details of bringing sex positive legislation to your community and state, with tips on how to contact your congressperson to let them know how you feel. (One astounding fact Brugh mentions during the second episode: her local congressperson told her that it only takes five calls from constituents to be a game-changer on policy issues. Political involvement, people. It works!)

Susie Bright. Photo via Miss Rogue:

The final podcast I’d like to talk about is In Bed with Susie Bright. In Bed… is the only podcast listed here that requires a fee, and it’s the only podcast I listen to that I find to be worth every penny. For those of you unfamiliar with Susie Bright… you shouldn’t be. Really. Head over to her blog, check out one of her books, listen to some free samples… just do something. Bright has been a sex educator and pioneer for decades. She co-founded On Our Backs, the first lesbian sex magazine, in 1984, and has since edited dozens of erotica collections, including Best American Erotica. She served as a consultant on the Wachowski’s fantastic first film, Bound (a noir film with a lesbian sex scene intense enough to make this gay man’s blood pump a little faster). Bright is one hell of a sex-positive workhorse who has brought the discussion of sex to a higher level in this country. That she does a weekly podcast is nothing short of astounding, almost miraculous; it’s an amazing resource for anyone who wants to learn more about sex and all of the nuanced issues that crop up around it. Lately, In Bed… has started with a relevant talk on a current sex-related story or issue, always presented with Bright’s witty outlook and intelligent insight on the subject. Bright has also been doing one-on-one interviews with listeners where she asks them in-depth and revealing questions about their sex lives. Topics range from early sexual feelings to masturbation to current sexual practices. Bright is insatiable when it comes to finding out what makes people’s sex lives tick, and we’re all lucky to be along for the ride. In Bed… usually wraps up with an advice segment, where Bright shares a letter or phone call she’s received about sex advice, and her response to the problem at hand. All in all, In Bed… is a well-rounded listening experience and receives my highest recommendation of all three podcasts.

If you guys have any additional podcasts that we should know about, please let us know in the comments. We’re always interested in learning about more!


  1. Life on the Swingset – I’m not a swinger, but it’s still pretty interesting.

    Polyamory Weekly

    Violet Blue’s Open Source Sex (if you want the erotica episodes, you have to get them from her website rather than via iTunes since iTunes has the draconian no sexy stuff rule.)

    I’m also a big fan of Dan Savage and Sex is Fun – I even have the book mentioned above and highly recommend it.

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