The Savage Art of Virtue and Vice

The  promo videos and other buzz have had me excited about this Saturday’s Savage Tarot II event. Besides the fact that the generous artists are donating 20% of sales to SEX+STL, the images are just fucking stunning.

The Savage Tarot is a full, 78 card tarot deck that Michelle originally created as a limited edition (100) in 2005. The deck was printed locally and came with a hand stitched, leather bound book. As you’d expect of a beautiful art object like this, it sold out completely and became a collector’s item. In order to meet the demand for this deck, Michelle decided to do a reprint — but she wanted it to be different too!  What’s in store with the new deck? MichelleX, the art curator for Shameless Grounds, organizer of the show, and creator of Savage Tarot was kind enough to share more about the project in an e-mail yesterday.
[quote] The reprint has some slight variances to the image frames, it’s printed in full color, which is really nice as the images are more like the original artwork, it includes two booklets – one for the Major Arcana and one for the Minor and Court, and comes packaged in a tuck box. The cards are slightly smaller than the originals as well, and quite honestly the card stock isn’t as awesome as the first either. But I think  . . .  since the images are so much more vivid, for the collector it should work out nicely.[/quote]
Not only will the tarot deck be on sale, but you can also get a print of all 22 of the Major Arcana and some original prints from the 2005 deck.
As if that weren’t enough, seven artists will be adding their work to the mix, as they share their interpretations of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Righteous Virtues.
You won’t want to miss this.
Saturday, December 15th; 7-9PM
Shameless Grounds