Coming Soon! The Dick Chronicles

A saga of less than epic proportions...

And, to get you in the mood for next week, check out this video by Mickey Avalon and the Dyslexic Speed-Readers:


  1. Every time you laughed in that video, I fluttered. Vulnerability is sexy!

    PS: I asked you this on twitter, but how come you decided to call your project “The Dick Chronicles” instead of penis or cock? Just wondering.

  2. I decided on “The Dick Chronicles” while writing the first blog post. “Penis Chronicles” seemed too formal.

    Had I made the video first, I might have gone with “Penis Chronicles,” though, because it sounds better when I say it out loud. “Dick Chronicles” has too many hard consonants (no pun intended – everything sounds like a double entendre, all of a sudden) and “Cock Chronicles” is even worse in that regard.

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