Clothing Optional Pool Party II: The Revenge

by David Wraith

You know what they say about summer blockbusters? They demand sequels. Last year’s Clothing Optional Pool Party was such a big hit; we’ve turned it into a franchise! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… Coming August 11th at 1pm to a ridiculously huge pool in North County…  Clothing Optional Pool Party II: The Revenge.

This is a private party with a screened guest list, open to those known to the co-founders of SEX+STL.  Space is limited, so make like a nerd buying tickets for The Dark Knight Rises and reserve your spot early.

Normal Clothing Optional Meet Up (COMU) rules apply. Bring a towel and a snack or beverage to share.  No non-consensual touching or photos. Also, this is a Leave No Trace Event, so if you bring it in, you carry it out. Respect the land, respect your fellow party-goers and, as Pops Staples would say, respect yo’ self.

Contact davidwraith [at] yahoo [dot] com to RSVP or for more information.