Is Camming the Job For You?

By Metta May

[ A guest post by Metta May, founder of Wellness4Hoes and instructor at The Mistress Academy]

There’s not really an orientation to attend for this gig, so if you’re new or on the fence, here’s a bit of a glimpse at what you’re getting in to! 

  1. Be You! – This is the Internet, there is a market for EVERYTHING! As hard as it is not to get caught up in the comparative mind state, bring your own uniqueness to the game! Remembering the rule … There is no perfect!
  2. Know Your Boundaries – I write mine out. These will change constantly, with the requests you will receive. It will be up to you to stand firm on what you are not willing to do. The buyer will constantly push! Be confident in your do’s and don’ts and maybe even have exit strategies in place, for when you feel like you’re toeing the boundary lines.
  3. This Is A Job – Be ready to work! Make schedules and stick to them. When you enter this workforce, you’re becoming a bad-ass entrepreneur, and your name is your brand. You want people to trust that brand, so following through on commitments, whether that be posting in groups or call times, is key.
  4. Learn Your Platforms – Again there’s no orientation for web-camming, so research is up to you. While you’re looking into the many different avenues, start getting verified on the platforms you’re interested in. This will speed up the posting/streaming process if that’s the one you choose. There are many different forums and blogs watch cams on different sites, message the performers already on the platforms, and see the pros and cons.
  5. Protect Yourself – This is also a fun part, for now, you get to choose your cam name! Once you’ve got your alter ego locked in, create an email address for your new identity. From registering with sites to creating wish-lists, use your new work email, not your personal email. When it comes to protecting your content, here some are some fabulous resources
  6. Wellness Breaks – Need one yet? Buyers and their requests can be draining and demanding. Making, editing, and promoting content, and coming up with ideas for new content, can get tiring. Find what you need as a wellness break and allow yourself to put it on the schedule.
  7. Roll with the Changes – Working on the internet brings an understanding of impermanence… everything is constantly changing. New platforms, new promos, sites being shut down. Try to stay open, and value yourself and your time. See where it is best spent making the most money.
  8. Find Your Squad! – Hoeworkers Unite! These are the people that will help you get through the hard days. People with the same understanding, supporting each other is invaluable. There are many different kinds of groups on many platforms, you might have to try a few before you find your squad. Check out the Wellness4Hoes group on our homepage .
  9. Trust Yourself – Something brought you to look into this as a career choice. It might just be your fierce warrior or warrioress calling. Trust in yourself. This gig has brought me a lot of confidence.
  10. Have Fun! – This is a gig where you get to get off. make super sexy friends, and play with toys. Enjoy it! 

End Notes – Allow extra time when you are going places. Especially if you choose Snapchat modeling. You will be surprised at how much more time taking pictures takes from your day!

Oh and… You got this!