The Mistress Academy

By Lady Lovage 

The Mistress Academy is a finishing-program in St. Louis aimed at those in the sex work industry who are looking to incorporate BDSM and power exchange aspects into their personal or professional lives.  This program is taught by Lady Lovage, a Dominatrix with seven years of experience both as a lifestyle Femdom and as a Professional Fetishist, and presented by Mistress Metta May, the founder of Wellness4Hoes, which focuses on bringing mindfulness and personal betterment to the sex work industry.  Between March and June 2020, the Mistress Academy will be hosting several classes and events.  The classes will cover topics such as:

  • Networking
  • Online Safety
  • Sex Worker Advocacy
  • Mental Domination, and
  • Vetting Clients for Professional Sessions

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to COVID-19, all classes will be held online. In person events may be cancelled or postponed. 

The events will be an opportunity for students to practice what they have learned in a hands-on, real life setting.  The Mistress Academy is open to anyone who identifies as a sex worker or is considering becoming one. Top, bottom, switch, woman, man, non-binary, LGBT, cis, straight, experienced sex worker or just beginning; no matter your identity or experience level, you are welcome to apply for the Mistress Academy!

The classes and events taking place as a part of the Mistress Academy 2020 are as follows:
Professional Photoshoot – [To be rescheduled]
Learn how to create powerful, beautiful images.  Creating the perfect photo to advertise yourself as a professional fetishist can be hard.  But with a professional photo studio, an experienced photographer, fetish models to fill out the scene, and multiple scenes and props for you to utilize, we find it to be a bit easier.  Take advantage of this opportunity to not only be part of a professional fetish photoshoot, but to also learn from experienced Mistresses how to dress, pose, and flirt with the camera.  For only $50, you will be guaranteed not only the educational experience, but also at least four professional, re-touched images.

Mistress Dot Com Class – April 7
How to be a BDSM professional on the internet.  Learn how to present yourself online, how to create a website, how to cultivate an online following, and much more.  We will also begin our discussion on Mental Domination.
Third Annual Twisted Tea Party – April 26
At this unique celebration of spring, students will have the opportunity to learn about high protocol service.  What is it?  How does it work?  Is it really as scary and complicated as it sounds?  Not at all, actually, especially when you are on the receiving end of the service.  Held at the Cola Lounge, Missouri’s first cannabis smoking lounge, students will have the chance to receive guests, ensure proper service, and to take charge of the available service bottoms at the event.  This afternoon tea service has the theme of “Down the Rabbit Hole,” and down the rabbit hole we will go into Wonderland, courtesy of Mother Nature’s greatest gift to us and the powerful Mistresses available to guide you through high protocol service with grace and ease.  This event has some GENERAL ADMISSION tickets.  If you wish to attend this event but are not interested in the Mistress Academy, you can purchase tickets here.

BDSM Clients Class – May 12
How to find and vet clients, and how to establish BDSM limits and safe-words.  We will finish up our discussion of Mental Domination and move onto Physical Domination.
Mentor Dungeon – May 16
At the Mentor Dungeon, you will find the tools and equipment for a number of BDSM scenes and scenarios.  Experienced mentors and willing practice bottoms will allow you to find your strengths and practice your skills.

Professional Session Class – June 9
The ins and outs of a Professional BDSM session from beginning to end.
Midsummer Ball – June 20
At the culminating, graduation event of the Mistress Academy, students will be presented in classic coming-out style, attended by their dates, escorts, and/or staff.  A magical mingling of man and fae, all attendees at this formal ball will come together to celebrate the graduating students and the intrigue of midsummer nights at this BDSM play party.  Bring everything you have learned so far together and present yourself as the powerful new entity that you are.
Anyone is welcome to attend, no matter your identity or experience level. Feel free to attend any of the classes or events that fit your needs and schedule, but please RSVP to each event at  You must RSVP online to attend classes and events.
We look forward to learning with you!