Johnny Murdoc Writes an Introduction to Himself


Johnny MurdocI’m Johnny Murdoc, a 29-year-old sex writer and co-founder of Sex Positive St. Louis. This year I’ve had a gay erotic science fiction comic published, self-published two ‘zines collecting my dirty stories, and had a story selected for the upcoming Best Gay Erotica 2011. I’ve also written regular essays for SexIs, on topics ranging from porn to politics.

Other random facts about me: I’m a typography geek and print fetishist. I like long bike rides and sci-fi movies. I buy books because they’re pretty and I want to hold them. When my partner and I bought our house, our first major project was to jackhammer a hole in the driveway and fill it with a garden. There are stacks of books in every room of our house except for the bathroom. I like graffiti and comic books. I don’t care if books and movies are intellectual or trashy, I just want them to be good. I’m vegan, but I won’t lecture you unless you ask me to. I’ve been in a committed relationship for the past eight years, and I look forward to every single day that it continues.

While I tend to favor fiction when it comes to writing, I write my fair share of non-fiction as well. Sure, I’d like to tickle your fantasy, but I’d like to stimulate your brain as well. If there’s been one overriding thread to my twenties, it’s been the fight to include sexuality in our public discourse. That’s why taking a role in Sex Positive St. Louis was such a natural choice for me. All of my stories, my essays and my soapbox rants are all for naught if I can’t help bring people together (and then get them to talk about sex).

I find that sexual discourse often falls into one of two camps: one is stuffy, academic, and serious; the other is playful, sexy and pornographic. It’s important that we bring the serious discussion together with the sexy one. We need to discuss sexual orientation, gender identity, and safer sex, but we also need to remember just how fun it is to take someone’s pants off for the first time. Sex is sweaty, funny, and invigorating.

I honestly don’t think I could have fallen in with a better group to help bring all of this about: The Beautiful Kind (who really is beautiful), David Wraith (who is not a wraith, but alive and quite dashing), and Anna (who is not a banana, but is smart as a whip and charming as hell) are all inspiring and passionate people that I’m honored to work with.

It’s our goal to make Sex Positive St. Louis something that works for you as much as it does us. We want to bring people together, help people find the solutions to their problems, and help them discover new things about themselves. We want to use our collective experience to get people talking and to drag St. Louis’s sexuality out of the bedrooms and onto the streets.



  1. @Ben, thank you! We’re very excited, and we have big plans. We just hope St. Louis is ready for them!

    @The Nerd: Would you really expect any less from me? I’m glad you’re along for the ride, for sure!

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