Brent’s Oral Exam: A Cute, Effective Safer Sex PSA

by Johnny Murdoc

From "Brent's Oral Exam," by

I’ve been thinking a lot about safer sex, lately, especially when it comes to the gay community. I’ve been especially torn between my role as a sex educator, and someone who strongly endorses safer sex practices, and my belief that people have the responsibility to make decisions for themselves and should have the right to take risks if they choose to do so. I do believe that people have the right to take risks, even when having sex. If I can ride my bike without wearing a helmet, who am I to look down on others for having oral sex without a barrier?

However, I’m continuously struck by the statistics released by the CDC showing that one in five urban gay/bisexual men have HIV, and half of them are unaware of it. The study came out several months ago, but to this day I can’t believe it. For the record, I do believe it, I just don’t know how it got this way. After watching Sex Positive last week, it seems crazy to me that, thirty years after the outbreak, we still haven’t figured out how to take care of ourselves, our partners and lovers, our community.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be posting some articles and essays about safe sex, specifically targeting the trend of bareback porn and bareback sex in the gay community. Today, I’m going to wrap up—no pun intended—by sharing a really wonderful, cheeky safer sex ad from, featuring gay porn actors Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush. While I mostly think the video’s adorable and effective, I like that it addresses the fact that safer sex education should use fewer bananas, and more cocks. I am, however, going to have to tuck it behind the cut, because of aforementioned cocks.

From "Brent's Oral Exam," by

Click below to see the video! (Warning: 18+ and NSFW)


  1. I appreciate the real demo. I just posted a We Vibe toy review on my site where the woman shows pics of it actually being used with genitals. She said she was sick of seeing it demo’ed on hands. 🙂

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